GF93 (2006) --> (Eletronic Mix)

GF93 - The Bloody Bastard Remixes (2006)

1. Demonology (Bloody Bucher mix)
2. Trustpay (Meltskin mix) ----> Listen MP3
3. Eight Years (Loozoo remix)
4. Bring Further Signification (Scrub mix)
5. He Seems To Be Smiling (Forbidden Forest mix)
6. Heartbeat (Promise mix)
7. Enter The Cult (Mandelbrot's Theories mremix)
8. Own Style Research (Bayley Street mix)
9. 25 Times Fire Devastates (Vanguard remix)
10. Lesive (Lay Down mix)
11. Christ Buck-RU (404 File Not Found mix)
12. Earthagram (Wdystidt rmx)
13. 25 Times Fire Devastates (Vabguard XL remix)
14 Osr (Slipper Socks mix)

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GF93 - OSR (2005)

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pulkasone disse...

GREAT BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rapmetalbart disse...

Thanx man!!!

rapmetalbart disse...

Hi Men!!

Can you add my link on your blog??

Thank you
See you!!

laycan disse...

Muchas gracias

Anônimo disse...

Links for both now dead : (

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