Disjointed –> Groove / Nu / Metalcore / USA

"...You have probably heard the Merle Haggard song entitled
"An Okie From Muskogee". Well, forget everything you might
have thought you learned from that tune! Disjointed is a
Power Metal band from Muskogee, Oklahoma that is poised to
become the best new Metal band on the planet.

"I doubt it", you say. "A Metal band from Oklahoma? I don't think so".
Well, that is the same kind of doubt that was expressed when a new
young Metal band came roaring out of Texas fifteen years ago.
The name of that Texas band was Pantera!
Set your soul free, turn your body loose, Get Disjointed!  ..."




Disjointed - The Imminent End (2005)


1. Blow 05:22 
2. Sentinel 04:08 
3. Wash Away 05:05 
4. Stirred Pieces 04:15 
5. Shine 03:43 
6. Far from the End 03:50 
7. Dies Irae 01:31 
8. The Imminent End 06:35 
9. Pop 04:23 
10. Sit in These 04:13 
11. Pain Bearer 19:53

Link: Yandex

Eightfold Path –> Alt. Metal / NuMetal / USA

"...Eightfold Path's members come from all musical backgrounds, creating
a striking blend of metallic rock flowing with assaulting guitar riffs,
memorable choruses, and crushing breakdowns. Timeandplace CD music
The music comes in many shades, infused with a surprising blend of
atmospheric textures, soaring vocals over beautiful guitar harmonies
and smooth bass lines, and a driven backbeat that accents tightly yet
easily goes haywire once the pounding rapid-fire double kick drum
decides to rear its' ugly head. Timeandplace buy CD music Without
drawing a comparison, we are influenced by incredible musicians
such as ZAO, Faith No More, Glassjaw, Vision of Disorder, At the Gates,
Depeche Mode, and Radiohead, just to name a few..."




Eightfold Path - timeandplace (2004)


1 In Ink
2 Compassion Is a Fist
3 Corridors
4 Time Heals All Wounds (Except This One)
5 Life in a Flash

Link: Yandex

.bipolar. --> NuMetal / USA / Female Vocal / Old School

Bipolar1 band

"...Spring of 2003 brought the birth of a dark beautiful crossbreed of
progressive metal, hardcore and melodic groove. We call it .bipolar.
A force of intense emotion and rage, .bipolar. hit the scene hard
and furious. Unbridled stage shows and the release of their debut EP
Dumbcane spread their name and music like wildfire throughout California.
Radio stations 91.5 KYDS, 98.5 KRXQ, 106.5 KWOD in Sacramento and 92 KSJO
in San Jose picked up on the buzz by playing the demo on their local
band shows or in regular rotation.
Since their debut Dumbcane the band has recorded and released Worn and
Faded a 4 song ep in 2004, All remembering was in vain an 11 song full
length album (which is available at Dimple Records on Arden in Sacramento)
in 2006, and Capacity for Change in July of 2008 another 4 song ep. which
is still available through the band.
.bipolar. has a thunderous sound and a stage presence to match.
In September of 2008 Bipolar switched scenes by moving to Las Vegas and
are currently fine tuning the lineup and writing new material. We promise
to bring a whole new meaning to the word Bipolar in 2009..."



.bipolar. - All Remembering Was in Vain... (2005)


1. Bottega
2. Midway
3. Sated
4. Diotima's Anguish
5. Finding John Holmes
6. Hand in Hand
7. Wicker
8. With Every Turn
9. Nova Scotia
10. Lopsided

Download: Yandex



.bipolar. - Capacity for Change (2008)


1. Rose Valley
2. Walter Payton
3. Capacity for Change
4. Acclimate

Download: Yandex

Standing Hollow –> Altern. Metal / NuMetal / USA

standing hollow2

"...STANDING HOLLOW is a rock band hailing from North Texas
that composes original music and jams a few crowd
pleasing covers while rocking the stage..."



Standing Hollow - Demo (2004)

standing hollow cd

01 Suffer Me
02 Corpses & Crows
03 Pound of Flesh
04 Grenades for Breakfast
05 Price We Pay


Japan Bee (2017) –> NuMetal / RapMetal / Spain

japan bee band
"...The initial group took shape in mid 2010, bassist changes made ??
repeatedly slowing the growth of the band.
Finally, in 2012 the band is firmly established and confirmed with the
recording of the EP of 4 songs, recorded
and mixed in March 2012 by its members in the study of Sala8 in Malaga
(Spain) city where they are. The project of the band is very clear,
mix with nu-metal rap very heavy and good, the purest nu-metal
with an impressive rap. A good part of the study sound achieved by
ourselves, very faithful to the sound we project live. We have a very
lively staging and spectacular..."





Japan Bee - Mercurio y Plomo (2017)

japan bee cd

1.Intro 02:17
2.El Irascible 04:34
3.Desenfoco 04:57
4.Hostis Humani Generis 05:27
5.Mercurio y Plomo 03:01
6.La Grima 04:16
7.VIGILIA 03:18
8.45 Grados 03:54
9.La Balanza (Directo) 04:32
10.Infinito Infierno (Directo) 04:31

Link: Free Bandcamp

Bull Ball –> RapCore / RapMetal / Hungary / with DJ

bull ball
"...The band was founded as an agreement of three ambitious guys
in Budapest in February 2007 as a common hobby band. Behind
the microphone stood Bai Renátó with his bass guitar, the
drums took Krekács Viktor in the hands and the guitarist
Por Botond. In the beginning, their repertoire only contained
covers, but the band was only after months of work a uniform
- also in the knowledge and in technology - ready-to-play band,
which had finished on the stage. Most of the covers were omitted
from the repertoire over time, as the guys began writing their
own songs - with more or less success. Because of the various
musical tastes of the members, it was hard to find the right
style, but in the course of time the rock, punk, hip-hop and
metal elements formed into their own uniform form.
In May 2009 the drummer sadly left the band. Kiss Lóránd, who
had already been lucky enough to play with the remaining two
members of the band earlier, filled the empty post. This
decision to record Lóránd, the two have not regretted.
In December 2009, a musician joined the band, Dj Deez,
who was already an active participant in the club club life.
His name was already known in the hip-hop scene, which helped
the band well. Deez put the point on the "I" by bringing a whole
new sound into the music of the band. The formation now consists
of four people, who hopefully will work together for a long time..."



Bull Ball - 5 Minutes Of Fame (2015)

bull ball cd

1. Entryhiistic 03:26
2. The Balls 02:46
3. Fucktory 04:19
4. Nystagmus 01:03
5. Where The Rest Lives 07:03
6. Power Of The Mass 04:12
7. Miraculous M 03:15
8. 1956 08:18
9. Broken Wings 02:39
10. Outrohiistic 05:26

Link: Free Bandcamp

Savnok –> NuMetal / Germany

"...Savnok has been around for more than 4 years.
Musically, the 4 Berliners move between the popular metal categories.
The result: experimental metal of the rhythmically-varied,
duester-melodioes, is provocatively polarizing, with the certain
"auf dem Fresse" effect. The music is characterized by a
multi-faceted vocals, riffy guitar parts, a powerful bass
fundament and groovy drumbeats. The fact that Savnok has a
tendency to extraordinary song gimmicks makes them a band
with high recognition..."



Savok - Savok (2007)


00- Sunshine
01- Merry Go Round
02- March To Doom
03- Skins & Bones
04- TOMF
05- Dirty
06- Mean Guy
07- Hollow Ground
08- Right Now
09- Hard To Chill

Link: Yandex

Death Box Audio –> NuMetal / with DJ / Bahrein

Death box audio
"...Death Box Audio comprises of Musicians from bands
that have been on top of the metal scene in The Kingdom
Of Bahrain for the past 15 years (The Mushroom Massacre,
Lunacyst..to name a few). The quintet wants to reclaim
their musical roots which is immersed in the late 90's
Nu metal scene while adding a modern grimey
sadistic twist to it....."

Ruvan Gamage - DJ/ Samples
Ryan John - Drums
Sunny Salis - Guitars
Patson Godinho - Bass
Calvin John - Vocals


"Soul" is the first single off of Death Box Audio's demo album due to be released in parts through out 2017.


Zurdok Movimento –> RapCore / Rock / Funk / Mexico / Old School

"...Zurdok is a Mexican rock band based in Monterrey. It was
formed in 1993 under the name Zurdok Movimento, changing it
several years later to simply Zurdok. It was one of the most
important bands in the Mexican rock band scene at the end of
the 1990s and the early 2000s.
The band recorded 3 studio albums that got success into the spanish rock
critics and audiences. Lead singer Fer Martz left the
band in 1999 and Chetes remained as the main vocalist. They got
into hiatus in 2002, when finally decided then to finish the band.
In 2006, Chetes released his solo career and Martz did a reunion
of Zurdok along David Izquierdo...."



Zurdok Movimento - Antena (1997)


1  Platique Con Mi Pistola  3:01
2  Tiempo D  3:22
3  Derrumbe Del Desfile  2:40
4  Nadie Te Quiere Ver  3:13
5  Chambi  2:26
6  Tropece  3:36
7  Dragón  2:55
8  Mamá, Y ¿Con Quien Duermes Hoy?  3:45
9  Si Me Hablas Al Reves  3:41
10  Radio Zap  3:30
11  No Importa  3:42
12  Nuevo Sueño  3:27
13  Gallito Ingles  3:59
14  Pared  4:54

Link: Yandex

Gripped / NuMetal / Old School / USA

"...Formed in October 2001 under the named GRIPPED, ERASED consists of
vocalist Chris Forsythe, guitarists Matt Mengel and Mike Angel, bassist
Tim Steffens, and drummer Anthony "A-Dub" Welch. Although the band has
only existed for a few years, the list of accomplishments is long and
well deserved. Just 3 months after forming, GRIPPED released the
underground ep "The Noizelab Sessions." which was followed in July 2002
by "Rebirth," the bands' debut full length album. Upon release,
the album garnered radio play around the globe, including Australia's
Metal Chamber 107.5, which received 28 requests for the single "Careless"
in just the first two days of airplay. No small feat for an unsigned
band from the United States. The album was supported with several
tours throughout the western states, as well as countless shows
across the front range..."




Gripped - Rebirth (2002)


01. Listen
02. Feeding The Machine
03. Monster
04. Rotting
05. Careless
06. Thieves
07. Orifice
08. Shoodabin
09. Break You

Mega (320kbps)

tnx Jeff !

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