Disjointed –> Groove / Nu / Metalcore / USA

"...You have probably heard the Merle Haggard song entitled
"An Okie From Muskogee". Well, forget everything you might
have thought you learned from that tune! Disjointed is a
Power Metal band from Muskogee, Oklahoma that is poised to
become the best new Metal band on the planet.

"I doubt it", you say. "A Metal band from Oklahoma? I don't think so".
Well, that is the same kind of doubt that was expressed when a new
young Metal band came roaring out of Texas fifteen years ago.
The name of that Texas band was Pantera!
Set your soul free, turn your body loose, Get Disjointed!  ..."




Disjointed - The Imminent End (2005)


1. Blow 05:22 
2. Sentinel 04:08 
3. Wash Away 05:05 
4. Stirred Pieces 04:15 
5. Shine 03:43 
6. Far from the End 03:50 
7. Dies Irae 01:31 
8. The Imminent End 06:35 
9. Pop 04:23 
10. Sit in These 04:13 
11. Pain Bearer 19:53

Link: Yandex

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