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"...Alive since 1992, kicking since 1996, Defamation of Character
came out of Detroit's bored and angry Northern Suburbs like a million
other would-be basement Metallicas. But somewhere between making
bedroom studio demos inspired as much by House of Pain as Pantera and
actually building the chops to pull it off live, D.O.C. have grown
into the Detroit scene's most bluntly original and hardest hitting act.
Blake tries to coin a phrase for Defamation This ain't some friggin'
funky white boy bullshit. Sure, there's some Korn here, some Tool,
maybe even some Rage Against The Machine. But it's more like
Defamation of Character have tapped into the same sensibility that
once inspired Chuck D to say "Public Enemy's more rock and roll
than most of what's called rock and roll..."

Surprised smile2017: Band is back (New Material is coming ~ March 2017) Surprised smile



(Some Songs)
1 - Know
2 - Before I Die
3 - Inside Of Me
4 - Stayin Alive
5 - To Build A Fire
6 - Horrific Sights
7 - Statistics 
8 - The Rain 
9 - Confined

Link: Yandex

2 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Great to feel the love Bro! I don't even have these discs, And I wrote and sang them, lol

Unknown disse...

*Lyrics only*

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