vat six nine --> NuMetal / Groove / Poland

"...The idea for the band was born in October 2007 at the head of
Matthew "Shnappsa" Koziorowski (guitar). With the help of
Jacob "Nauma" Milszewskiego (vocals) recruited to that idea of
Arthur "Artiego" Wozniak, drummer Sumatra (ex Nothing).
During the first year of the group, ie from July 2008 to November
2009 the Vat Six Nine changing. In July, joined by James "Kossa"
Kossakowski (guitar), who not long afterwards took over as lead vocalist,
and Jacob Wojtkiewicz (bass). The band recorded EP "Point of Decay"
and "Agoraphobic Sessions" mixed in half by Andrew Karp. In April 2009,
took over the function of the bass player James "Cube" Janiszewski, and
in November of the same year, the band said goodbye Kossa. In its place,
Luke jumped "Szermet" Szermeta and vocal issues took Shnapps.
In 2010, the band recorded another EP "So Far"..."


Vat Six Nine - Agoraphobic Sessions EP (2009)


1 I Know     4:39
2 Deep    0:56
3 SinFonia   4:37  
Link: Mega

Duff --> RapCore / French

"...Formed in 1999, Duff has very fertile Bordeaux region already
groups like NIHIL, ZOMBIE EATERS or VIRIDIANA, even if youn
band does not practice the same metal as its neighbors.
The line-up stabilized to April 2001 and immediately, this combo
makes his first concerts in their areas. The welcome is warm
and positive feedback as the group made ​​good impressions
with first notable parts alongside SPIRIT CLAN  or FIST OF FURY..."



Duff - Vision(s) (2002)



1. Intro
2. Le Magicien dOz
3. Vision(s)
4. Interlude de D'Joey
5. Ca se passe comme ça
6. Just a Test
7. Outro

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WilaBaliW --> Math Rock / Reggae / Metal / Philippines

“...WilaBaliW’s high-energy performance has created a huge loyal following in the
Philippine underground rock scene. While the band itself is relatively to the scene,
its members that are no strangers to the industry and are noted figures in the Philippines.
The band released its first album called 10.10.10 in 2010 with songs that
blends in elements of math rock, reggae and a lot of edgy dance rock fused
with melodies over hardcore metal arrangements...'

song of 2013


Name: WilabaliW - 10.10.10 (2010)


1. Diveler
2. Big Tom
3. Sonia
4. Quatro
5. Vega
6. Too Many Lines
7. Illuminate-I
8. Melbourne
9. Matador
10. Me Techie Love You Long Time
11. BONUS - Wilabaliw - Fahira (2013 song)

Link: Mega

Artemis / Efthimis --> RapCore / NuMetal / Greece

"...They did what they expressed, with absolute sincerity to themselves
and respect in hiphop. In this way, they managed to delete their own unique
success story and communicate with the public in the context of real love for music.
In 2006, the A / C back more dynamic than ever to rock once the waters of Greek music scene.
The brand new single called "So it is, so why go" is a hiphop / nu metal / big beat crossover
dynamite, with their trademark always sharp as blades lyrics of A / E..."



Artemis / Efthimis - O Dialextos Ths Apnhshs Ki O Akribogios Ths Pisths (2007)


Tracklist: 1. - O Dialextos Ths Apnhshs Ki O Akribogios Ths Pisths (1:36)
2. - Olo To Romaiko (2:11)
3. - Oi Stixoi Mas Pote Den Stamat (2:56)
4. - H Afypnhsis (3:12)
5. - Mhnyma (4:44)
6. - Persefonh (3:13)
7. - Etsi Einai Giati Etsi Paei (3:07)
8. - Osoi Zwntanoi (2:54)
9. - To Ena Kai To Allo (3:09)
10. - Rimes Ap'atsali Rythmoi Megaloi (3:14)
11. - Oi Stixoi Mas Pote Den Stamat (Remix) (3:27)
12. - Sevas (2:53)
Link: Mega

Curbside --> NuMetal / RapCore / PhilipPines

"...Honestly I first saw this band from rakista and it hooks my head up and down (Smiling).
From guitars, bass to drums the band was great,And timing was almost comes to perfect,
the vocals fits with it. I remember international band (Like Rage Against the Machine)
and other rap metal bands. To know them better I just put their Biography here posted
from their Facebook Page.
Curbside’s music is a combination of “Distortion that will bite your neck off” sounding guitars, sexy bass lines and heart stopping drum beats topped with a melodic and hip hop vocal flow that will surely bring you to the pit.
Artists they Like:
Hed (P.E.), Sevendust, Meshuggah, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Glassjaw, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Helmet, Snot, Mudvayne, Sepultura, Soulfly, 40 Below Summer, Kottonmouth Kings..."



Name: Curbside - Curbside (2011)



01 - Coup de'tat
02 - In Your Presence
03 - Welcome To The Curbside
04 - Break
05 - Excuses
06 - Miedo
07 - Welcome To The Curbside (censored version)

Link: Mediafire

RΣ∆∆IΛMINΣ --> Trap | NuMetal | Core | ACID | DuB | Hip-Hop | Horror | Grunge / Russia

"...If you like dirty sounds, deep bits or simply that it is not clear,
then we are happy to welcome you in our kitchen!..."

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