vat six nine --> NuMetal / Groove / Poland

"...The idea for the band was born in October 2007 at the head of
Matthew "Shnappsa" Koziorowski (guitar). With the help of
Jacob "Nauma" Milszewskiego (vocals) recruited to that idea of
Arthur "Artiego" Wozniak, drummer Sumatra (ex Nothing).
During the first year of the group, ie from July 2008 to November
2009 the Vat Six Nine changing. In July, joined by James "Kossa"
Kossakowski (guitar), who not long afterwards took over as lead vocalist,
and Jacob Wojtkiewicz (bass). The band recorded EP "Point of Decay"
and "Agoraphobic Sessions" mixed in half by Andrew Karp. In April 2009,
took over the function of the bass player James "Cube" Janiszewski, and
in November of the same year, the band said goodbye Kossa. In its place,
Luke jumped "Szermet" Szermeta and vocal issues took Shnapps.
In 2010, the band recorded another EP "So Far"..."


Vat Six Nine - Agoraphobic Sessions EP (2009)


1 I Know     4:39
2 Deep    0:56
3 SinFonia   4:37  
Link: Mega

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