WilaBaliW --> Math Rock / Reggae / Metal / Philippines

“...WilaBaliW’s high-energy performance has created a huge loyal following in the
Philippine underground rock scene. While the band itself is relatively to the scene,
its members that are no strangers to the industry and are noted figures in the Philippines.
The band released its first album called 10.10.10 in 2010 with songs that
blends in elements of math rock, reggae and a lot of edgy dance rock fused
with melodies over hardcore metal arrangements...'

song of 2013


Name: WilabaliW - 10.10.10 (2010)


1. Diveler
2. Big Tom
3. Sonia
4. Quatro
5. Vega
6. Too Many Lines
7. Illuminate-I
8. Melbourne
9. Matador
10. Me Techie Love You Long Time
11. BONUS - Wilabaliw - Fahira (2013 song)

Link: Mega

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