OPM --> RapCore / Hip Hop / Reggae / Suburban Noise Records


OPM is a Southern California based band, best known for
their debut single "Heaven Is A Halfpipe." Both their
debut single and album Menace To Sobriety (a pun on the
term "menace to society") were released on Atlantic Records
in September 2000. OPM has a distinctive sound,
combining hip-hop, rock music, and pop with laid-back reggae.

OPM - Menace To Sobriety (2000)

1. Stash Up
2. Interlude: Punanny
3. Heaven Is a Halfpipe ----> YouTube Video
4. El Capitan ----> YouTube Video
5. Undercover Freak
6. Brighter Side
7. Better Daze
8. Trucha
9. Dealerman
10. Reality Check
11. Interlude: Rage Against The Coke Machine
12. Unda
13. Interlude: 15 Minutes
14. Fish Out Of Water
15. Hidden Track (Sound System)
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OPM - ForThemAsse (2004)

1. Intro
2. Bump
3. Rollin ----> YouTube Video
4. Luffly
5. Interlude: Dave Grohl
6. Kali Kings feat. Richter from Kottonmouth Kings
7. Everyday
8. Perfect Day Feat. Eek-A-Mouse
9. Interlude: Doggy Style
10. Horny
11. How It Sounds
12. I Don't O U
13. Necropolis Feat. Yellowman
14. Interlude: You Have A Collect Call…
15. Pot Luck
16. Viva
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17. Down Under
18. Conflict
19. Horny - OPM & TJ Lavin
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OPM - California Poppy (2006)

1. Intro
2. For Tonight
3. Lion’s Pride
4. Rock Me Slow
5. Love Don’t
6. Somewhere (Further than the Valley)
7. Desire
8. Right Now
9. Leave ‘em for Dead
10. Interlude
11. Voodoo Hex
12. That’s the Sound
13. Born Again Virgin

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OPM - In The OPMden (2006)

1. Eternity (For Tonight)
2. Battle Rhyme
3. Set Me Free
4. Bank Robber
5. Eternity (Rude Bass Mix )

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OPM - Outlaws, Perverts, & Misfits - EP

01 Rollin
02 Kali Kings
03 Perfect Day
04 Viva

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SRH (2 Albums) --> Rap / Hip Hop / Alternative / Rock


SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits[1][2][3] is the
fifth official compilation album by Suburban Noize Records
released on October 25, 2005. This album is a CD/DVD set
that includes popular names of the label, such as the
Kottonmouth Kings, Judge D, and Big B along with others.
The DVD features footage of Kottonmouth Kings and the
Subnoize family in Japan, motocross riders Manley and
Morrison(Scummy) speaking on their thoughts, motocross
riders Grant Teal and Jeremy Lusk, plus more of the SRH
team. It also features new Music videos by; Kottonmouth
Kings, Big B, OPM, and Slightly Stoopid.

SRH - Supporting Radical Habits I

1. SRH (Kottonmouth Kings)
2. Roll Call (Judge D)
3. Kill That (SX10)
4. Downfall (Insolence)
5. Things I Do Part 2 (Jonny Richter)
6. Leeches (Last Laugh)
7. This Joint (Slightly Stoopid)
8. Keep a Look Out (SubNoize Souljaz)
9. Destroy (Humble Gods)
10. 7 Weeks (Pepper)
11. Local Dub (Too Rude)
12. Peaceful Day (Daddy X)
13. Industry Beez (The Dirtball)
14. If This Were (One Session)
15. Seedless (Mower)
16. What What (Reyes Bros)
17. Conflict (OPM)
18. One Tree (Mishka)
19. Turnin' Around (Phunk Junkeez) ----> YouTube Video
20. Backlash (Saint Dog and Big Hoss)
21. The B (Big B)
22. Spaded, Jaded & Faded (Kingspade)
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SRH - Supporting Radical Habits II

1. On The Western Front - (DI)
2. Running Things - (Kottonmouth Kings)
3. Riot Maker - (Tech N9ne)
4. Road Rage - (Mover)
5. Seeing Double At The Triple - (Nof X)
6. Babylon Madness - (Dogboy)
7. Living by The Gun - (Danny Diablo) ----> YouTube Video
8. Da SHXT - (Kingspade)
9. Thinkin Bout Cops - (Slightly Stoopid)
10. Nite Club In Bali - (Hedpe)
11. Gotta Get Mine - (Potluck)
12. Dont Go - (SX10)
13. Get Em Up - (Subnoize Soul Jaz)
14. Hardest Artist - (Dirtball)
15. Let Dem Hos Fight - (Fishbone)
16. Higher Than A Mother Fxcker - (O.P.M.) ----> YouTube Video
17. As I Come Back - (Big Left)
18. Mind Yo Biz - (Chucky Styles)
19. Real Recognizes Real - (Ice Pick)
20. All I Ever - (Dirtball)
21. At The Top - (Last Laugh)
22. No Regrets - (Authority Zero)

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Bang Bang Bunny (2005) --> Rap / Hip Hop / For Beastie Boys Fans


After releasing 'Den Music of the Chupacabra' in 2004, Bang Bang Bunny
scooped up the 'Hip Hop Group of the Year' award at the South Bay
Music Awards, went back in the studio and finished their latest
and greatest: Trippin' Off Aranacabra
Building off what made their debut so righteous, this independent
Hermosa Beach entity soars to new heights on their follow-up.
More bangin' beats, more dope scratching, and doper lyrical stupidity,
this CD is a must have for any car stereo enthusiast bumpin'
more than an 8.
Johnny P and Jackie H are truly masters in their crafts,
so grab the new album!

Bang Bang Bunny - Trippin' Off Aranacabra (2005)

1 Watch the Universe Gasp
2 Oh No! ----> YouTube Video
3 Back in the Day
4 Get Up and Hold On
5 Tracks of Your Train
6 Comfortably Dumb
7 Trippin' Off Spidergoats
8 Sex Standing Up
9 L.a. Sunday
10 My Manhandle's Tight
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Slapback (2 albums) --> Hip Hop / Alternative / Funk / Rock


If you could imagine what an Alternative, Hip Hop, Funk band
sounds like, that's the best way to describe this Orange
County based band. They've been setting the trend for their
genre since their debut album "Fast food Funkateers" on
Warner Brothes Records in 1993.


1. So funky how you suck my thumb
2. Ain't yo thang
3. Runnin'g thangs
4. Getcha funk on
5. Lay you down
6. Get on da bus
7. Hit it one more time
8. Roll with you
9. Droppin' bombs
10. Groove in my Jacuzzi
11. Fallen Circle
12. Strip
13. This car is fast
14. Never fake da funk
15. A wonderful day
16. Thinking of you
17. I Aint a Pimp Anymore
18. Popped that Cookie

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Slapbak - II Black IV Black Radio (2005)

1. Funk Monk Intro
2. I Don't Need
3. Trip Dip
4. Too Much
5. We Come To Jam 2005
6. Only in O.C. Interlude
7. California Girls Dipped in Chocolate 'featuring Shock G'
8. Be Gone
9. Say Okay
10. Cold blooded Filla 'featuring Stevie Salas'
11. Down
12. Run With Me 'featuring Diamonique'
13. Guilty as Charged Interlude
14. You get in my mind
15. Fanatic
16. Need to Change
17. Funk Convention
18. Da Clap Interlude
19. Funk to the Max
20. Country MF Interlude
21. Is that Yo Freak
22. We ain't playin' Wid it 'featuring Digital Underground'
23. Stupid Heffa Interlude
24. Da Mission
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VIDEOS : Slapbak YouTube Videos

Dragon Ash --> Rock / Punk / Alternative / Reggae / Hip-Hop / Japan


Dragon Ash is a Japanese rock group led by rap mogul Kenji Furuya.
They are an icon in Japan and were one of the first groups to
popularize hip hop in Japan.
They brought a western flavor to Japanese music and helped to turn
rap music mainstream, with a mixture of reggae, rap, rap-rock, punk,
Spanish, and R&B influences.
Some of their best known songs include Grateful Days, Life Goes On
and I Love Hip Hop.
The group uses various samples, most notably from the famous
American alternative group, The Smashing Pumpkins: these songs include
Cherub Rock in which they sample the bass line from The Smashing Pumpkins
song by the same name, and Grateful Days in which they sample the opening
of Today by The Smashing Pumpkins; they also named one of their songs Siva,
after the Pumpkins song.

Albums, Singles, EPs :

(1997.02.21) the day dragged on

(1997.04.23) public garden

(1997.10.22) rainy day and day

(1997.11.21) mustang

(1998.05.21) hiwa mata nobori kurikaesu

(1998.07.23) under age's song

(1998.09.02) buzz songs

(1999.03.03) let yourself go, let myself go

(1999.05.01) grateful days

(1999.05.01) i love hip hop

(1999.07.23) viva la revolution

(2000.03.15) deep impact

(2000.07.12) summer tribe

(2000.11.19) lily's e.p

(2001.03.14) lily of da valley

(2002.01.23) life goes on

(2002.03.16) fantasista

(2003.03.19) mob squad

(2003.06.25) morrow

(2003.07.23) harvest

(2004.03.24) harvest remixes

(2004.07.14) shade

(2005.06.01) crush the window

(2005.07.23) yuunagi union

(2005.09.09) rio de emocion

(2006.07.19) ivory

(2006.09.27) few lights till night

(2006.12.06) yumede aetara

(2007.02.21) independiente

(2007.09.07) the best of dragon ash with changes vol 1

(2007.09.07) the best of dragon ash with changes vol 2

(2008.06.18) velvet touch

Youtube Videos :

Dragons Ash - Fantasista

Dragon Ash - Deep Impact

Dragon Ash - Life goes on

Novasonic (3 albums) --> RapCore / Japan


Novasonic is the rap metal band that features an unique music
style with fast rapping with rhythmical heavy rock melody.
The band members are SeHwang Kim on guitars and vocals,
SuYong Lee on drums, YeongSeok Kim on bass and vocals, HyunSup Lee
singing vocals for their fourth album, and JinPyo Kim providing
rap and vocals for their first three albums. Their first album
(Novasonic 1/Sonus) was released in 1999, their second
(Novasonic 2/Slam) was released in 2000.

In year of 2000, their song Another Truth was featured in the
famous dance game, Pump It Up and along with the game's success,
the band has gained tremendous fame and commercial success.

After the release of their 3rd album in 2002, JinPyo Kim, who
was the lead vocal/rapper in the band, has departed the band due
to his sickness, which required him to rest and stop getting
involved in rough activities that the band required.
After releasing Remastering album in 2002, remaining Novasonic
member started to make the 4th album, Han, which was released in
Korea in 2004, and was a great success although some of the fans
missed Jinpyo's rap However, the album maintained its heavy
rock rhythm and fast paced beat, which made fans to be
satisfied with the new album.

<------* Listen ABOMINATION song *------->

Novasonic - 3rd album (2002)

1. Home
2. Ova action Gamyunman (Overaction Mask Man)
3. Napunyoja (Bad Woman)
4. It's your time
5. Hoksi (Perhaps)
6. Chungsanbyulgok (Song of Blue Mountain)
7. Sulpun Kwangdae (Sad Clown)
8. Tajimahal
9. Bombcult
10. Kudaei Erummanuro (Just By Your Name)

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Novasonic - 2nd Album (2000)

1. Jindalaekot (Azalea)
2. Jr.
3. Pukdo Jalnatgetji (Like you are better)
4. EOS
5. Jitongbyul Sachungi Wangjai Chumsawi (Dance of a prince at puberty)
6. Yoohok (Temptation)
7. Tui uh ba (Jump)
8. The Fiction
9. Uhnoo Saebyuk, Nunu Kamultae (One Dawn, When I close my eyes)
10. SLAM(Video Killed The Radio Star)
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Novasonic - 1st Album (1999)

1. Empire of the Sun Last Vatalian
2. Arumdaun Sesang (Beautiful World)
3. Uh! Daehanminkook (Republic Of Korea)
4. Al.
5. Junglip (Neutralization)
6. Junjin (Marching)
7. Hoojin (Retreat)
8. ZngO (Hatred)
9. Sakun (Case...)
10. Guhu (...Afterward)
11. Jinsim (Sincerity)
12. Todarun Jinsim (Another Sincerity)

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