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Dragon Ash is a Japanese rock group led by rap mogul Kenji Furuya.
They are an icon in Japan and were one of the first groups to
popularize hip hop in Japan.
They brought a western flavor to Japanese music and helped to turn
rap music mainstream, with a mixture of reggae, rap, rap-rock, punk,
Spanish, and R&B influences.
Some of their best known songs include Grateful Days, Life Goes On
and I Love Hip Hop.
The group uses various samples, most notably from the famous
American alternative group, The Smashing Pumpkins: these songs include
Cherub Rock in which they sample the bass line from The Smashing Pumpkins
song by the same name, and Grateful Days in which they sample the opening
of Today by The Smashing Pumpkins; they also named one of their songs Siva,
after the Pumpkins song.

Albums, Singles, EPs :

(1997.02.21) the day dragged on

(1997.04.23) public garden

(1997.10.22) rainy day and day

(1997.11.21) mustang

(1998.05.21) hiwa mata nobori kurikaesu

(1998.07.23) under age's song

(1998.09.02) buzz songs

(1999.03.03) let yourself go, let myself go

(1999.05.01) grateful days

(1999.05.01) i love hip hop

(1999.07.23) viva la revolution

(2000.03.15) deep impact

(2000.07.12) summer tribe

(2000.11.19) lily's e.p

(2001.03.14) lily of da valley

(2002.01.23) life goes on

(2002.03.16) fantasista

(2003.03.19) mob squad

(2003.06.25) morrow

(2003.07.23) harvest

(2004.03.24) harvest remixes

(2004.07.14) shade

(2005.06.01) crush the window

(2005.07.23) yuunagi union

(2005.09.09) rio de emocion

(2006.07.19) ivory

(2006.09.27) few lights till night

(2006.12.06) yumede aetara

(2007.02.21) independiente

(2007.09.07) the best of dragon ash with changes vol 1

(2007.09.07) the best of dragon ash with changes vol 2

(2008.06.18) velvet touch

Youtube Videos :

Dragons Ash - Fantasista

Dragon Ash - Deep Impact

Dragon Ash - Life goes on

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skids disse...

can you please re up
Superheist -
Superheist - Bullet (2001) CD Single &
Superheist - Chrome Matrix (1997)



Fell Rubin disse...

i like your blog cause i like rapcore!!!!!

Anônimo disse...

Hey! Good stuff here...
Unfortunately zShare links seems to be a never-ending loop advice of "Your download will begin shortly..."

Obrigado H$!

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