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The WOODLAND CREATURES are an independent "Live Wire Hip Hop" band from Boston Ma.
The band has been together since '98 and continues to reinvent itself nd attract new fans.
This is an extremely exciting band to see live.
The Creatures combine the best elements of their musical influences
and turn out an amazing and original sound and style. Two real M.C.'s ,
an ill DJ combined with a wicked 3 peice band make these guys
a "must see" Boston band.The debut cd "Darkest Dayz of Hip Hop"
and the follow up disc "Straight into Doom" have received much
acclaim around the country.

Woodland Creatures - The Darkest Dayz Of Hip Hop (2002)

1 Jungle
2 Public Assistance ----> YouTube Video
3 Tear Up The Place ----> YouTube Video
4 Shangri La
5 Life Let's Go
6 Crowsong
7 Activist
8 Red Alert
9 Who's That Cracka
10 The Rosary
11 Shell Toe
12 Inside
13 Out the Woods
14 Star Gazin'
15 Ruckus
16 God Bless
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