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Novasonic is the rap metal band that features an unique music
style with fast rapping with rhythmical heavy rock melody.
The band members are SeHwang Kim on guitars and vocals,
SuYong Lee on drums, YeongSeok Kim on bass and vocals, HyunSup Lee
singing vocals for their fourth album, and JinPyo Kim providing
rap and vocals for their first three albums. Their first album
(Novasonic 1/Sonus) was released in 1999, their second
(Novasonic 2/Slam) was released in 2000.

In year of 2000, their song Another Truth was featured in the
famous dance game, Pump It Up and along with the game's success,
the band has gained tremendous fame and commercial success.

After the release of their 3rd album in 2002, JinPyo Kim, who
was the lead vocal/rapper in the band, has departed the band due
to his sickness, which required him to rest and stop getting
involved in rough activities that the band required.
After releasing Remastering album in 2002, remaining Novasonic
member started to make the 4th album, Han, which was released in
Korea in 2004, and was a great success although some of the fans
missed Jinpyo's rap However, the album maintained its heavy
rock rhythm and fast paced beat, which made fans to be
satisfied with the new album.

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Novasonic - 3rd album (2002)

1. Home
2. Ova action Gamyunman (Overaction Mask Man)
3. Napunyoja (Bad Woman)
4. It's your time
5. Hoksi (Perhaps)
6. Chungsanbyulgok (Song of Blue Mountain)
7. Sulpun Kwangdae (Sad Clown)
8. Tajimahal
9. Bombcult
10. Kudaei Erummanuro (Just By Your Name)

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Novasonic - 2nd Album (2000)

1. Jindalaekot (Azalea)
2. Jr.
3. Pukdo Jalnatgetji (Like you are better)
4. EOS
5. Jitongbyul Sachungi Wangjai Chumsawi (Dance of a prince at puberty)
6. Yoohok (Temptation)
7. Tui uh ba (Jump)
8. The Fiction
9. Uhnoo Saebyuk, Nunu Kamultae (One Dawn, When I close my eyes)
10. SLAM(Video Killed The Radio Star)
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Novasonic - 1st Album (1999)

1. Empire of the Sun Last Vatalian
2. Arumdaun Sesang (Beautiful World)
3. Uh! Daehanminkook (Republic Of Korea)
4. Al.
5. Junglip (Neutralization)
6. Junjin (Marching)
7. Hoojin (Retreat)
8. ZngO (Hatred)
9. Sakun (Case...)
10. Guhu (...Afterward)
11. Jinsim (Sincerity)
12. Todarun Jinsim (Another Sincerity)

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