Slapback (2 albums) --> Hip Hop / Alternative / Funk / Rock


If you could imagine what an Alternative, Hip Hop, Funk band
sounds like, that's the best way to describe this Orange
County based band. They've been setting the trend for their
genre since their debut album "Fast food Funkateers" on
Warner Brothes Records in 1993.


1. So funky how you suck my thumb
2. Ain't yo thang
3. Runnin'g thangs
4. Getcha funk on
5. Lay you down
6. Get on da bus
7. Hit it one more time
8. Roll with you
9. Droppin' bombs
10. Groove in my Jacuzzi
11. Fallen Circle
12. Strip
13. This car is fast
14. Never fake da funk
15. A wonderful day
16. Thinking of you
17. I Aint a Pimp Anymore
18. Popped that Cookie

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Slapbak - II Black IV Black Radio (2005)

1. Funk Monk Intro
2. I Don't Need
3. Trip Dip
4. Too Much
5. We Come To Jam 2005
6. Only in O.C. Interlude
7. California Girls Dipped in Chocolate 'featuring Shock G'
8. Be Gone
9. Say Okay
10. Cold blooded Filla 'featuring Stevie Salas'
11. Down
12. Run With Me 'featuring Diamonique'
13. Guilty as Charged Interlude
14. You get in my mind
15. Fanatic
16. Need to Change
17. Funk Convention
18. Da Clap Interlude
19. Funk to the Max
20. Country MF Interlude
21. Is that Yo Freak
22. We ain't playin' Wid it 'featuring Digital Underground'
23. Stupid Heffa Interlude
24. Da Mission
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VIDEOS : Slapbak YouTube Videos

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Anônimo disse...

Sorry but the links dont work.
might someone reupload it please?
thanks in advance

Anônimo disse...


KING disse...

Sorry but the links are dead any chance you can re post a new link especially for the Slapbak ‎– Ghetto Funkography thank you

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