3rd Alley (2005) --> Alternative / Rock / Reggae / USA


The band formed when Zack Walters’ girlfriend walked across
the street in Belmont Shore (Long Beach) and dropped a 4 song
demo into the PO Box of Long Beach Records. Greg “mudd” Lowther
(aka. Owner of LBR), checked the box and was pleasantly surprised
at what he found. After his 9 year old daughter wore out the CD,
she urged him to contact Zack and start a band with him.
So he did in late October 2004. Adding Tyson Parrish to the band on bass.

3rd Alley - After School Special (2005)


1 Theme Song
2 I Need Sleep
3 Grief ----> YouTube Video
4 New Year's Disapointment
5 Hoopla
6 More of You
7 American Dream
8 All Alright
9 De Ja Vu
10 Little Bohemia
11 Hit Mix
12 Sav-on Drugs
13 I Slack Well
14 Happy Tank
15 Sour Milk
16 Fame
17 Electrify Me
18 Ashes To Ashes
19 Solitary Man

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Crazyfool disse...

thanks homie!

munhoz13 disse...

E ai brother td blz, parabens pelo blog é o melhor de todos , véi esse som ai 3rd alley é bom demais , eu queria o outro cd deles 3rd alley "Shiny Shady People (2008)", po tenta coloca ele ai por favor, valeu irmaõ!

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