Maniacx (2005) --> - Hip Hop / Rock / Electronic / France


Formed in 2003 around Stef a.k.a FLIK FLAK being obvious
to production by creation of beats and melodies in accents
Cartoons, kitsch and sometimes very rock, its method is only
a musical alchemy of all its influence (Rap US, Ska, Metal)
but also "Life Style" (video games, enlivened drawings),
multi instrumentalist (guitar, low, battery, keyboard),
this phenomenon controls all methods perfectly to make move
masses and if Maniacx shall not exist the music of Flik Flak
would be foreordained for a group of rock among whom Bob l' Eponge,
Dr. Globule and Bart Simpson would be the musicians.

Maniacx - Maniacx (2005)

1 Maniacx
2 Freaks
3 Dumber star
4 Dyin' addict
5 Wack connection ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
6 Funny guys
7 Flik Flak in the party
8 Trackstar
9 Wanted
10 Why I rap
11 Highlights
12 Rime's shot ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
13 9.9
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