V.A Dis L'heure 2 Hip Hop Rock (2006)


Dis L'Heure de hip hop rock is meetings between the
artists of the hip-hop and pop.
Unpublished duoes as The Nasty Rascals and UVR,
Arno and Faf Larage, Pit Baccardi and Emma Daumas,
Ginie Line and Hylliah, Kool Shen and Enhancer,
Alibi Montana and Les Wampas, Mass Hysteria and 2 Lux,
Leave and IRON SY, Alpeco and Stress, and financial
years of style on instrumental unaccustomed of Factor X,
Saian Supa Crew, G Kill, SoShy? and definitely others.

V.A Dis l'heure 2 hip hop rock (2006)

1. Uvr / Les Ales Gosses - Ready Or Not ----> YouTube Video
2. G Kill - Le Roi Du Bougie Boogie
3. Soshy - The Way I
4. Big Ali / Stevans - Rising Melodies
5. Iron Sy / Leave - En Compagnie Des Anges
6. Factor X - Les Enfants Terribles
7. Doc Gyneco / Emma Daumas - A La Mort A L'amour
8. Saian Supa Crew - Demande Toi
9. Akhenaton / Sako Feat Kako - Produit De L'environnement
10. Kool Shen / Enhancer / David Banner - Hot Remix ----> YouTube Video
11. Alpeco / Stress - Ma Generation
12. Alibi Montana / Les Wampas - Rap Rock Meme Combat
13. Mass Hysteria / 2 Lux - Passe Le Mic
14. Arno / Faf Larage - Arreter Les Bombes
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