Chicago-Jazzz (2002) --> German RapCore


The fact that the time of the Crossover brand H-Blockx and Offspring
probably is definitively to an end, everybody has got absolutely.
However, the concept will live on Crossover as certainly, namely conditioned
that all new musical hybrid forms show a kind Crossover.
Indeed, CHICAGO JAZZZ have a quite stupid name (three "Z" one after the other
what waste, the author) embody one of these new hybrid forms.

Chicago-Jazzz - Hip-Gun-Rock (2002)

01. Showtime
02. Hippie oder Gangster
03. Dinge Ling Long
04. Amok
05. Pump Gun Schulhof ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
06. Mondschein
07. Banditenbraut
08. Mango Nr. 5
09. Kosmoskuss
10. Moderator
11. Testosteron
12. Ready For War (feat. Mr.Rentt)
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