Limbogott (2 albums) --> Metal / Industrial


One look at the lineup reveals that these guys are not
your everyday industrialists: two manic vocalists,
supported by a couple of rampant guitars, a gifted psychopath
behind the drums and a seriously dreadlocked electronics
wiz have successfully torn up every single stage they have
appeared on to date.
In a spectacularly short space of time, Limbogott have made
a major splash, Europe-wide, with their throbbing basslines,
sophisticated electronic sound and mind-blowing, schizophrenic
vocals that somehow manage to switch between melancholic ballads
and turbocharged screaming barrages in the blink of an eye.

Limbogott - Deep (2005) EP

01 Deep(edit version)
02 Headlock
03 Stash
04 Deep(album version)
05 Limbogott E.P.K (Multimedia VideoClip)

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Limbogott - One Minute Violence (2005)

01 Struggle
02 Headlock
03 Stash
04 One Minute Violence
05 Rockstar Dick
06 Slipper
07 Drugstore Cowboy
08 Deep
09 Mason Squad
10 187
11 Fuck Inc.
12 Sludge Patrol
13 Slaves
14 Razormuschi
15 Young & Out
16 Growlin' Mad
17 Hirnfrese
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Anônimo disse...

puden subir "Limbogott - One Minute Violence" shareonall esta muerto porfavor :) gracias

Anônimo disse...

the limbogott - one minute violence link is dead (" we are closed" ) any chance to re-up it ?
thx a lot !

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