Alice Nine (2005) --> JRock / Visual Kei / Metal / Japan

Banda :

Alice Nine (アリス九號., Alice Nine? or alice nine.)is a Japanese rock
band and part of the country's visual kei movement. It was formed in
2004 and originally signed to PS Company, a sub-division of Free-Will.
As of 2007, the band is signed to both PS Company and King Records
in Japan, as well as to German label CLJ Records in Europe and has
released two full-length records,along with several EPs, singles and DVDs.

Alice Nine - Yami ni Chiru Sakura (2005)
01 Yami ni Chiru SakuraLink:
02 Byakuya ni Kuroneko

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Team Nowhere (2008) --> NuMetal / FrenchCore / RapCore / French

La Team Nowhere c'est au départ un collectif réunissant le Néo métal

fracassant de Pleymo, le rapcore entrainant d'Enhancer, le hard rock
bien lourd d'aqME, le rock percutant de Noisy Fates, et le mélange de
rock dur et engagé de Wünjo. Le premier groupe à quitté la Team pour
cause de dissolution n'est autre que Noisy Fates, mais suivit d'un
retour du chanteur Franklin Ferrand sous le nom de Vegastar, un brassage
idéal de pop, rock et d'électro. S'ensuit le départ d'AqME désireux de
plus de liberté. En 2006, la Nowhere programme un unique concert avec
les 4 derniers groupes restant au Furia Sound Festival

Team Nowhere - Live Furia Festival (2008)

1 Street Trash
2 Tank Club
3 La Faille
5 Cinglés
6 Un nouvel orage (+bonus track hardcore version dancefloor)
7 Blöhm
8 La firme
9 Hot (+ bonus track Kongen) ----> YouTube Video
10 100e étage
11 Projet Fonzde Ganja
12 La TN'O Lover
13 United Nowhere
14 + Bonus track Les Sales Gosses
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Venaculas (3 albums) --> Crossover / NuMetal / USA


Venaculas’ music, when playing full blast in their dynamic live shows,
can only be described as raw, explosive energy that showcases the
band’s youth, honesty, gut-wrenching vocals and memorable guitar riffs.
With a combination of hard rock, aggro metal and hip-hop the band
appeals to many different fans all ranging from 10 years of age to 40.

Venaculas - Therapy (2005)

01 spanish market ---- Listen MP3
02 out of time
03 the whole world
04 fly
05 decisions
06 enigma
07 plain to see
08 whats next
09 live on
10 therapy
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Venaculas - Listen Up (2003)
01 - What's Next
02 - Decisions
03 - Look Out
04 - Listen Up
05 - Live On
06 - Trusted
07 - Enigma
08 - Switch
09 - Anything Is Everything
10 - Enemy (Live)
11 - Jump (Live)
12 - Shut Up
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Venaculas - Who We Are (EP)

01 Corruption
02 Rip It Up
03 Who We Are ---- Listen MP3
04 Future
05 Take Me Away
06 Enemy
07 Otra Vez
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Stuck In Kaos (2002) --> NuMetal / USA


Stuck In Kaos is a hard-core 4-piece outta Martinsburg, WV.
bringin' the Death Hop, Gutter Pop onto the scene.
Members include Brandon Batton on vocals/sampling, Jeremy Selby
on Bass and management, Big J on Guitars and Chris Faircloth on
Percussion and triggering. We play baritone guitars, tribal/groove
influenced percussion, and only use lyrics with message, meaning
and real content intended to be open to interpretation
to spread our message.
We've been together since 99' and have been playing regionally
since 01'. Since, we've opened for bands such as Soulfly, Ill Nino,
Otep, American Head Charge, Biohazard, Kittie, Superjoint Ritual,
Mushroom Head, 18 Visions, Dope, Flaw, 40 Below Summer, Motorgrater,
Chamiara, Dry Kill Logic and more along with some of the best local band

Stuck In Kaos - You're All S.I.K. (2002)

* godisman
* selfish
* tiesthatbind
* regenerate
* psychologicalwarfare
* sweetmisery
* fear
* selfdestruct
* stuckinkaos
* subliminalhomicide

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Brotherhood Foundation (1996) --> HC / Crossover / Metal


Brotherhood Foundation is a the pioneers of crossover hardcore
and metal in the Dutch scene, that was active from 1991 until 1999.
The band, promoting a DIY ethos, consisted of Corné Borchers on drums,
Gary van de Wouw on vocals and percussion, Jeps Salfischberger
on bass, Mike Coolen on drums, Patrick van Fessem on vocals and
percussion, Tom Sikkers (1991-1997) and Ruud Jolie (1997-1999)
on guitar. They toured together with Green Lizard.

Brotherhood Foundation - Elevator Music (1996)
1. Back!
2. Standing in Line
3. Raw!
4. Plan A
5. Change Yourself
6. Quicky
7. Pervert
8. Side Two
9. Lucky ----> Listen MP3
10. Imperfect
11. Software ----> Listen MP3
12. No Flowers
13. Human Bomb
14. Elevator Music
15. Turn Off
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Last Green Field (2003) --> NuMetal / Italy

1.break it
2.another way to relate
3.i say
4.i have understood you
9.suffer ----> Listen MP310.neergLink:
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Last Green Field - Another Way To Relate (2003)Capa:
NuMetal band from Italy. R.I.P 2005

Enhancer (new song) --> YouTube Video

Enhancer - Rock Game (available November 24, 2008)

Fiddy --> NuMetal / Humor / Fusion / Brazil


Musical set formed by 9 strange adolescents,
doing a resonant chaos well performático, with amusing letters,
heavy guitars, grunidos legal, integrants dancing and keyed
what vary between the circus and the video game, Fiddy tries
to find something in his essence it does not get them to me,
and is that that leaves the band as interesting as possible.

Fiddy - O homem das costas de abacate (2005)

Doce Travessura ----> YouTube Video
Erros de Gravação
Laço de Fita
Na Varanda
Pepito e o Seu Cavalo
Quinca Baladó
Velhaco de Capa
Zé Gotinha

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Fiddy - Mionese is GodZilla EP(2007)

Helicoidal com Escadinhas
Holocausto Canibal Kid
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(СКИМЕН) Skeemen (2005) --> NuMetal / Christian / Belarus


The musical material of group includes elements of styles,
such as hard core, rap core, nu metal with bright show on a stage.
The basic qualities of performance of a command are power,
an emotional message of creativity of a command to the spectator.

Skeemen - Serdze Lva (2005)

[#01] Skimen
[#02] Chistiy vozduh
[#03] Insert 1
[#04] Darvin mertv ----> Listen MP3
[#05] Insert 2
[#06] Est ili net
[#07] Ruki druga
[#08] Insert 3
[#09] Kto ti?
[#10] Insert 4
[#11] Zachem
[#12] Insert 5
[#13] Cherni Sneg
[#14] Insert 6
[#15] Terakt
[#16] Insert 7
[#17] Golgofa
[#18] City outro
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Factor150 (2008) Christian / Nu Metal / Core / Ukraine


Factor 150 was created in late 2002 by members of Opozicia:
Igor “Lis” Shemigon – vocal, Dima Titorenko – drums, Sergei
Kovtun – bass; and two guitarists Svan and Max “MaxFactor”.
In the late 2003 the band stopped existing. After the
break up of Factor150 some members decided to revive Opozicia.
At the beginning of 2004 MaxFactor and Eugene Shemigon made
a decision to revive Factor150. They invite new musicians.
Rain, McDan and Max Z joined Factor150. Rain became drummer,
McDan – guitarists and Max Z – bassist. The band started
playing hard type of nu-metal (like Slipknot, Mudvayne and Soulfly).
During next year the line-up undergoes many changes.
In late 2004 Max Z leaves the band, and Kurakov “Kura” Kostya
became the new bass guitarist. In summer 2005 the band members
decided to part with singer Eugene, who became the bass guitarist
of Opozicia. Max “Twist” took the place of vocalist.
At the beginning of 2006 Kura and Max “Twist” left the band.
Soon after this Vlad (bass guitarist of “Ne ot mira”) became
the bassist of Factor150. In May 2006 new vocalist Nikita appears.
This is the current line-up of Factor150.

Factor150 - Stronger Than Hate (2008)

01 - Біль
02 - Ty e eu
03 - Сильніше Ненависті
04 - Corrida
05 - Truna
06 - Oração
07 - Pomanila
08 - Zhittya ----> Listen MP3
09 - PNL
10 - Твої Ochi
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Disciple (2003) --> Altern. / NuMetal / Christian

Disciple - Back Again (2003)

1. Back Again ----> YouTube Video
2. Fear
3. 103
4. Touch
5. Face
6. Wait
7. Hardened
8. Why Don't You Shut up?
9. Before You
10. Remembering
11. Not the Same
12. First Time
13. One More Time
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Insolence (EP) 2008 --> RapCore / USA

Insolence - Uprising (EP) 2008

01 - Uprising
02 - Today
03 - Ichy the Killer
04 - Lifted Emix
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F[ei]k (2002) --> NuMetal / Crossover / Latvia


The band F[ei]K performs compositions in crossover and
NU metal style i.e. experiments combining different musical
styles while still incorporating with the modern tendencies
of music. F[ei]K which have gained popularity among
youngsters consists of five people: Verners Biters (vocals)
Ansis Auders (guitars), Gusts Leimanis (bass),
Mārtiņš Opmanis (drums). During the summer of 2000
the band was joined by another member - DJ Krii,
who later on chose to leave the band.

F[ei]k - Inevitable (2002)

01 Egoism
02 From You To You
03 It's Gonna Be
04 Sigh ----> YouTube Video
05 Back In The Days
06 Flying
07 The Same
08 Failure
09 Behind Me
10 Time Is Out
11 Back Twice
12 Put Me Down
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Noswad (2003) --> Numetal / Alt.Metal / French


Noswad was born near Valence, in France during 2001's summer.
They were 4 kids decided to give a sound to their emotions,
so they started repetitions and concerts.
Quickly recognized in the neighbourhood, they acquired a
great reputation, thanks to their efficiency, energy and emotion.
2003's autumn, they released their first EP, "La Part Des Choses"
2004 was a prosperous year for the band, with more than 25 concerts,
the band proved their determination, skills so now they decide
to begin a professional career

Noswad - La Part Des Choses (2003)

01 Vice de Conscience
02 Trust ----> Listen MP3
03 Libere Moi
04 Regard Hatif
05 Version 1.0

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Overexertion (2004) --> RapCore / RapMetal / USA / Rare Album


OverExertion is a metal band from the Metro/Detroit area.
We are currently invading the movie industry with movies like
Detroit Blood City & Loser's Anonymous. Our influences include
Pantera, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, Soulfly and more.
The original songs capture a raw metal sound with energy of
today's hard popular rock. We frequent large venues such as
Harpo's Concert Theatre and The Shelter, as well as smaller
nightclubs like Iroc Nightclub, The Blind Pig and Token Lounge.
OverExertion has been playing together since 1999, opening for
national bands such as Gwar (2002).
We released our debut CD self titled "Overexertion,"
produced merchandise and a music video
for "Convert." With enough material to record 3 more cds,
We are currently looking for a producer to help take us to
a national level.
OverExertion recently added lead guitarist Jim Hooper to the original
lineup of: Josh Hooper (main vocals/guitarist), Jamie Guarino (drums/vocals),
and Jeff Lewis (bass/vocals) to represent the true energy of their music.

Overexertion - Overexertion (2004)

1 Evil Intro
2 Convert
3 Self Righteous
4 Unjust
5 Militant
6 Corporate Fucs ----> Listen MP3
7 Downside
8 Haf - Ded
9 Pissed Off
10 Cloudy Daze
BONUS - Farther Away
BONUS - Gimme Some Deth ----> Listen MP3
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Pontocom (2008) --> RapCore / NuMetal / Brazil


Protestant Numetal and Rapcore band from Brasilia been
based on 2000 by the singer Marcelo Fernandez, it has Three CDs.
The band comes if standing out because of boarding subjects of
protest, on social unequality, drugs, violence, war, etc.
Remembering which God is the best form of changing this
picture in which we live.

Pontocom - Consciencia EP(2008)

01 Tosco
02 Anjinho
03 Ta No Sal ----> Listen MP3
04 O SOnho
05 Nove Meses
06 Consciencia ----> Listen MP3
07 Amazonia
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Judas O Outro (2007) --> Alternative / NuMetal / Christian / Brazil


When singer of the Band Patmus was formed in 2001, for Walter Lopes,
drummer, one of the founders of the band Gospel Oficina G3 and
Anselmo Santos, ex-, both very much known in the scenery Gospel.
The guys do a very cool mixture, with much weight, melody and a
quite modern footprint, it is difficult the band labels, since
" Judas o Outro " has several slopes of the heavy music.
The letters of the band are based on the culture and on the daily
life and as well as the instrumental thing, they wrap several tendencies.

Judas - O Outro (2007)

01. Meus Olhos
02. Silêncio em Meio ao Caos
03. Fobia ----> Listen MP3
04. Jovem Demais
05. Paz
06. A Lei
07. Lembranças
08. O Que Você Vê
09. Nunca é Tarde pra Sobreviver
10. Engano
11. Minha Fé
12. É Preciso Nascer de Novo

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Intrinzik (2006)

Intrinzik - My Favorite Album (2006)

01 My Favorite Song ft. Proof
02 Get Yo Ski Mask On (Fallguy)
03 $
04 End Of An Era (Fallguy) ----> Listen MP3
05 Head Nod (McNastee)
06 These Dreams (Separated at Birth)
07 Everything Must End
08 Join Tha Fall Guy Army (Fallguy)
09 Ha Ha
10 Wall Street Pharmacist (Fallguy)
11 Number Zero
12 In The Middle (FallGuy, Big B, & Jason Porter)
13 Bring It To Me
14 Trapped Inside (Fallguy)
15 Lies (Separated at Birth)
16 Kidnapped (Fallguy)
17 Hit The Road
18 Game Won't Change
19 Dead Or Alive
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Blister 66 (2002) --> NuMetal / USA


Blister66 does have a limited edition release of the 2002
album Middle Amerikan Tragedy available for their fans right now.
Currently, Blister66 has plans to release another album of rare
songs lost in the mix of the last couple of years in early 2004.
The band is also working on a brand new full length album due out
by summer 2004. Over the years Blister66 has proven they can roll
with just about anything and regardless of what happens they keep
pushing for the future. These boys do not ***** around and are
ready to take over the world!

Blister 66 - Middle Amerikan Tragedy (2002)

1 Addiction
2 Ashes
3 Numb
4 Karma
5 White Trash Summer
6 So What
7 428
8 Bitter Pill
9 Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
10 Middle Amerikan Tragedy ----> Listen MP3
11 Seeds

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Intrinzik (2005) --> HipHop / RapCore / HipRock / USA


Fallguy rapper Intrinzik drops his first solo album.
Fans of rap, hip hop, rap-core, acid rap, horrorcore,
and more will find what they are looking for here.
Coming in through the rap-rock backdoor, Intrinzik's
spits have always been a tad confessional.
He fesses up to everything from once being "a mullet-headed
Jew with braces, zits and a fat man's tits" to not quite
reaching platinum-selling status.

Intrinzik - Tricks of the Trade (2005)

1. Wana Be
2. 2nd Listen
3. Tricks of the Trade
4. Gota Get Down
5. Hit the Road
6. It's Int
7. O Wow!
8. So Crazy
9. Lousy World ----> Listen MP3
10. Everything Must End
11. Revenge (Skit)
12. Against You
13. In This Place
14. My Last Song
15. Roads [*]
16. 2 White Boys [Metal Mix][*]
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Echocast (2002) --> Alternative Rock / USA


Echocast is an alternative metal band with influences ranging
from Failure, Tool, and Faith No More, to Radiohead and Kent.
The result is heavy, but melodic; energetic, yet emotional.
The four-piece band has recently relocated to Southern California,
and consists of Adam Redding (guitar), Kaleb Saldate (drums),
Keoni Chock (bass), and David Mast (vocals).

Echocast - Where The Future Ends (2002)

1 Four Words
2 Ignite ----> Listen MP3
3 Freezer Burn
4 Cancer
5 Stay
6 Wasted Me
7 Catch Your Breath
8 Rearview
9 Redline
10 The More We Think We Feel
11 Downstairs
12 Candlelight
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Cilekes (2005) --> Alternative Rock / NuMetal / Turk


Çilekeş (pronounced "Chilehkesh") was founded in 2002 in Ankara.
The band received greater fame after winning the music contest
"Genç Yetenekler Aramızda" (Young Talents Among Us), sponsored
by the Fanta drinks company, in 2003, juried by such famous
Turkish artists like Teoman and Levent Yüksel. After the contest,
still as an amateur band, they were invited to a tour, comprising
17 cities, during which they performed to an approximate total
of 350,000 audience.
The band members are Görkem Karabudak (vocal, guitar),
Ali Güçlü Şimşek (electric guitar), Gökhan Şahinkaya (bass guitar),
Cumhur Avcil (drums).

Cilekes - Y.o.k (2005)

1.kendimden geriye
3.ardıma hiç bakmadan
4.gözalti ----> YouTube Video
5.kürar ----> YouTube Video
11.kendimden geriye II
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Homens do Pantano --> RapCore / Hip Hop / Experimental / Brazil


A polybrave guitar accompanied by lines of double bass with
a foot in the dub and an unusual "cavaquinho". This mixture is
anchored in the strength of a battery hard what prepares the
bed for three MCs. And they are the raps of this guys that
count marshy histories in set with a band of weight.

Homens do Pântano - Pancadão de 5

01 Verdadeiro MC
02 Gravidade Zero
03 Anticibernetico
04 Aperte o Play
----> YouTube Video ----> Listen MP3
05 Verdadeiro MC (Instrumental)
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Factor X --> Altenative / NuMetal / Female / Spain


Mixing slightly harder parts with more melodic lines,
and riffs very sticky

Factor X – Demo '04' (2004)

1º Ilusiones rotas
2º Realidad ----> Listen MP3
3º Prodigal son
4º Odio
5º Raízes profundas

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Factor X – Demo CD (2002)

1º Prodigal son
2º Realidad
3º Quimera
4º Descompresion

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RedCloud (2 albums) --> Hip Hop / Rap


Red Cloud has managed to stay true to his roots—as an artist,
a man and a Christian—with Hawthorne’s Most Wanted, which is
sure to be one of the more talked about hip-hop albums this year.

RedCloud - Hawthornes Most Wanted (2007)

1. Deep Thoughts
2. Welcome All
3. Guns & Roses - featuring Jayo Felony, Eek-A-Mouse, & Tonex
4. Boulevard Knights ----> YouTube Video
5. 405 - featuring Lord Zen & Dannu (of Visionaries)
6. Tapatio - featuring Pigeon John ----> YouTube Video
7. Hawthorne's Most Wanted - featuring Kurupt (of Tha Dogg Pound)
8. The Boombox Saints
9. Krylon Teardrops
10. The Time Has Come
11. Battle of Little Bighorn - featuring Def Shepard
12. My People
13. Songs They Sang
14. Death of a Salesman - featuring Pigeon John
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RedCloud - Traveling Circus (2003)

1 The Ringmaster
2 Traveling Circus
3 My Way
4 The Coming
5 8000 RPMs
6 Bonifide Xtreme
7 Don't Wear It Out
8 Never Let You Go
9 Battle Star Galactic
10 Chit Chat
11 War Party
12 Put It On
13 Night Owls
14 Broken Jaw
15 Indigenous Angel
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