F[ei]k (2002) --> NuMetal / Crossover / Latvia


The band F[ei]K performs compositions in crossover and
NU metal style i.e. experiments combining different musical
styles while still incorporating with the modern tendencies
of music. F[ei]K which have gained popularity among
youngsters consists of five people: Verners Biters (vocals)
Ansis Auders (guitars), Gusts Leimanis (bass),
Mārtiņš Opmanis (drums). During the summer of 2000
the band was joined by another member - DJ Krii,
who later on chose to leave the band.

F[ei]k - Inevitable (2002)

01 Egoism
02 From You To You
03 It's Gonna Be
04 Sigh ----> YouTube Video
05 Back In The Days
06 Flying
07 The Same
08 Failure
09 Behind Me
10 Time Is Out
11 Back Twice
12 Put Me Down
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Unknown disse...

great music :)

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