Intrinzik (2005) --> HipHop / RapCore / HipRock / USA


Fallguy rapper Intrinzik drops his first solo album.
Fans of rap, hip hop, rap-core, acid rap, horrorcore,
and more will find what they are looking for here.
Coming in through the rap-rock backdoor, Intrinzik's
spits have always been a tad confessional.
He fesses up to everything from once being "a mullet-headed
Jew with braces, zits and a fat man's tits" to not quite
reaching platinum-selling status.

Intrinzik - Tricks of the Trade (2005)

1. Wana Be
2. 2nd Listen
3. Tricks of the Trade
4. Gota Get Down
5. Hit the Road
6. It's Int
7. O Wow!
8. So Crazy
9. Lousy World ----> Listen MP3
10. Everything Must End
11. Revenge (Skit)
12. Against You
13. In This Place
14. My Last Song
15. Roads [*]
16. 2 White Boys [Metal Mix][*]
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