Echocast (2002) --> Alternative Rock / USA


Echocast is an alternative metal band with influences ranging
from Failure, Tool, and Faith No More, to Radiohead and Kent.
The result is heavy, but melodic; energetic, yet emotional.
The four-piece band has recently relocated to Southern California,
and consists of Adam Redding (guitar), Kaleb Saldate (drums),
Keoni Chock (bass), and David Mast (vocals).

Echocast - Where The Future Ends (2002)

1 Four Words
2 Ignite ----> Listen MP3
3 Freezer Burn
4 Cancer
5 Stay
6 Wasted Me
7 Catch Your Breath
8 Rearview
9 Redline
10 The More We Think We Feel
11 Downstairs
12 Candlelight
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hey man, este link tá quebrado... tem como postar um link novo ou mandar o cd nesse e-mail:
valews... o blog eh ferisimo!

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