Blister 66 (2002) --> NuMetal / USA


Blister66 does have a limited edition release of the 2002
album Middle Amerikan Tragedy available for their fans right now.
Currently, Blister66 has plans to release another album of rare
songs lost in the mix of the last couple of years in early 2004.
The band is also working on a brand new full length album due out
by summer 2004. Over the years Blister66 has proven they can roll
with just about anything and regardless of what happens they keep
pushing for the future. These boys do not ***** around and are
ready to take over the world!

Blister 66 - Middle Amerikan Tragedy (2002)

1 Addiction
2 Ashes
3 Numb
4 Karma
5 White Trash Summer
6 So What
7 428
8 Bitter Pill
9 Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
10 Middle Amerikan Tragedy ----> Listen MP3
11 Seeds

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