Homens do Pantano --> RapCore / Hip Hop / Experimental / Brazil


A polybrave guitar accompanied by lines of double bass with
a foot in the dub and an unusual "cavaquinho". This mixture is
anchored in the strength of a battery hard what prepares the
bed for three MCs. And they are the raps of this guys that
count marshy histories in set with a band of weight.

Homens do Pântano - Pancadão de 5

01 Verdadeiro MC
02 Gravidade Zero
03 Anticibernetico
04 Aperte o Play
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05 Verdadeiro MC (Instrumental)
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2 comentários:

Unknown disse...

putz, q moral hein!

ag2ropaNxo disse...

i can´t download the zshare files :(

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