.bipolar. --> NuMetal / USA / Female Vocal / Old School

Bipolar1 band

"...Spring of 2003 brought the birth of a dark beautiful crossbreed of
progressive metal, hardcore and melodic groove. We call it .bipolar.
A force of intense emotion and rage, .bipolar. hit the scene hard
and furious. Unbridled stage shows and the release of their debut EP
Dumbcane spread their name and music like wildfire throughout California.
Radio stations 91.5 KYDS, 98.5 KRXQ, 106.5 KWOD in Sacramento and 92 KSJO
in San Jose picked up on the buzz by playing the demo on their local
band shows or in regular rotation.
Since their debut Dumbcane the band has recorded and released Worn and
Faded a 4 song ep in 2004, All remembering was in vain an 11 song full
length album (which is available at Dimple Records on Arden in Sacramento)
in 2006, and Capacity for Change in July of 2008 another 4 song ep. which
is still available through the band.
.bipolar. has a thunderous sound and a stage presence to match.
In September of 2008 Bipolar switched scenes by moving to Las Vegas and
are currently fine tuning the lineup and writing new material. We promise
to bring a whole new meaning to the word Bipolar in 2009..."



.bipolar. - All Remembering Was in Vain... (2005)


1. Bottega
2. Midway
3. Sated
4. Diotima's Anguish
5. Finding John Holmes
6. Hand in Hand
7. Wicker
8. With Every Turn
9. Nova Scotia
10. Lopsided

Download: Yandex



.bipolar. - Capacity for Change (2008)


1. Rose Valley
2. Walter Payton
3. Capacity for Change
4. Acclimate

Download: Yandex

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