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"...Zurdok is a Mexican rock band based in Monterrey. It was
formed in 1993 under the name Zurdok Movimento, changing it
several years later to simply Zurdok. It was one of the most
important bands in the Mexican rock band scene at the end of
the 1990s and the early 2000s.
The band recorded 3 studio albums that got success into the spanish rock
critics and audiences. Lead singer Fer Martz left the
band in 1999 and Chetes remained as the main vocalist. They got
into hiatus in 2002, when finally decided then to finish the band.
In 2006, Chetes released his solo career and Martz did a reunion
of Zurdok along David Izquierdo...."



Zurdok Movimento - Antena (1997)


1  Platique Con Mi Pistola  3:01
2  Tiempo D  3:22
3  Derrumbe Del Desfile  2:40
4  Nadie Te Quiere Ver  3:13
5  Chambi  2:26
6  Tropece  3:36
7  Dragón  2:55
8  Mamá, Y ¿Con Quien Duermes Hoy?  3:45
9  Si Me Hablas Al Reves  3:41
10  Radio Zap  3:30
11  No Importa  3:42
12  Nuevo Sueño  3:27
13  Gallito Ingles  3:59
14  Pared  4:54

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