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bull ball
"...The band was founded as an agreement of three ambitious guys
in Budapest in February 2007 as a common hobby band. Behind
the microphone stood Bai Renátó with his bass guitar, the
drums took Krekács Viktor in the hands and the guitarist
Por Botond. In the beginning, their repertoire only contained
covers, but the band was only after months of work a uniform
- also in the knowledge and in technology - ready-to-play band,
which had finished on the stage. Most of the covers were omitted
from the repertoire over time, as the guys began writing their
own songs - with more or less success. Because of the various
musical tastes of the members, it was hard to find the right
style, but in the course of time the rock, punk, hip-hop and
metal elements formed into their own uniform form.
In May 2009 the drummer sadly left the band. Kiss Lóránd, who
had already been lucky enough to play with the remaining two
members of the band earlier, filled the empty post. This
decision to record Lóránd, the two have not regretted.
In December 2009, a musician joined the band, Dj Deez,
who was already an active participant in the club club life.
His name was already known in the hip-hop scene, which helped
the band well. Deez put the point on the "I" by bringing a whole
new sound into the music of the band. The formation now consists
of four people, who hopefully will work together for a long time..."



Bull Ball - 5 Minutes Of Fame (2015)

bull ball cd

1. Entryhiistic 03:26
2. The Balls 02:46
3. Fucktory 04:19
4. Nystagmus 01:03
5. Where The Rest Lives 07:03
6. Power Of The Mass 04:12
7. Miraculous M 03:15
8. 1956 08:18
9. Broken Wings 02:39
10. Outrohiistic 05:26

Link: Free Bandcamp

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