Eightfold Path –> Alt. Metal / NuMetal / USA

"...Eightfold Path's members come from all musical backgrounds, creating
a striking blend of metallic rock flowing with assaulting guitar riffs,
memorable choruses, and crushing breakdowns. Timeandplace CD music
The music comes in many shades, infused with a surprising blend of
atmospheric textures, soaring vocals over beautiful guitar harmonies
and smooth bass lines, and a driven backbeat that accents tightly yet
easily goes haywire once the pounding rapid-fire double kick drum
decides to rear its' ugly head. Timeandplace buy CD music Without
drawing a comparison, we are influenced by incredible musicians
such as ZAO, Faith No More, Glassjaw, Vision of Disorder, At the Gates,
Depeche Mode, and Radiohead, just to name a few..."




Eightfold Path - timeandplace (2004)


1 In Ink
2 Compassion Is a Fist
3 Corridors
4 Time Heals All Wounds (Except This One)
5 Life in a Flash

Link: Yandex

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