Estou me mudando novamente.
Agora mudarei de cidade, por isso estarei ausente do "Mundo Virtual" por tempo indeterminado.
Espero voltar em breve...
H$ agradece a todos os usuários do BLOG pela paciência!


I am changing again, now I will change of city, therefore I will stay away of the " Virtual World " for indeterminate time.I wait to return soon...H$ thank for all the users of the BLOG for the patience!

Cya Warriors!

18 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

many thanks for the time and effort you have sacrificed in bringing this site to us.

hopefully one day you will return again.

wishing you success in everything you choose.

Anônimo disse...

i visit this blog daily and i wanna thank you for your time and dedication. music means a lot to me and you opened my eyes for a lot of new artists/bands.

thanks - see you soon hopefully!

Serna disse...

U Know what is a real music men, thanx a lot for your time, U give us things that we never find.

Alex disse...

happy move mate! hope to read you soon
y a montar una fiesta en la casa!! te mudas no??

VirtualRockStar disse...

Exchange links ?

Lucas Franco disse...

estoy triste ... :(

Anônimo disse...

bad news :(

Chico disse...

Espero que volte logo! =p

Yuriy disse...

Thanks big for music, continue in the same spirit. I can offer " silence dead " - Beginning metalcore a command from Russia. Listen, and if it is pleasant, you can create a post

EP "Hatered(Nenavist')" 2006

1. Hatered (Nenavist')
2. Your beauty (Krasota tvoya)
3. Fear 101 (Strah 101)
4. Look in eyes (Smotri v glaza)
5. Door (Dver') (Dolphi cover)

Anônimo disse...

& Total Re$P Dude (:

Anônimo disse...

Will waiting for you, bro!

Anônimo disse...

Good luck, and see you later :)

Anônimo disse...

Does anybody happen to have "Mobile Estates" by Citizen King? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!!!

Anônimo disse...

Assim q der, posta o hope in anguish (East West) de novo?

Anônimo disse...

Please re-upload citizen king - mobile estates!!!

Anônimo disse...

Ur a great and i love u.come back soon.

Mulambo disse...

thanks so much for all the links!!!

there were a lot of great bands i never even heard of before.
i'm searching for some albums for a few months, which i can nowhere find. if someone could upload them i would be very glad. here they are:

gwar - beyond hell
kannon - intro
i.r.a.t.e. - infinte rebellion against the establishment


Anônimo disse...

lolz!! I fart a lot!!!!!

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