B Real (of Cypress Hill) (2 albums)

B Real - 'The Gunslinger Vol. 1'

1. Never Back Down feat. Willie Malo, O Brown
2. Ease Back feat. Trace Midas
3. Let Me Blaze
4. Hold You Down feat. Sick Jack, Mellow Man Ace
5. Creepin On Ya feat. Son Doobe, Cynic
6. Warriors
7. This Is How We Ride
8. Runnin Shit
9. Por Que feat. Trace Midas
10. No Model feat. Son Doobie, Filthee
11. Thug Nation feat. Willie Malo, Nev
12. American Psycho III feat. Bizarre, Eminem
13. Back To The Apple
14. Boom Boom feat. Outthere
15. Skit N/A N/A
16. Shut The Fuck Up feat. Subliminal Orphans
17. Time To Be Known feat. Minus P
18. Breathe feat. Sub Zero
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B Real - 'The Gunslinger Pt. 2: Fist Full Of Dollars'

1. Fist Full Of Dollars
2. Body Somethin feat. Alchemist
3. The Take Over feat. O Brown, Willie Malo
4. The Hustle feat. Trace Midas
5. Drop That Shit feat. Willie Malo, Son Doobie
6. Incredible
7. Listen To Me feat. Willie Malo, Son Doobie
8. Put On Your Vest feat. Defari
9. Breathe feat. Crow (of Street Platoon)
10. L.A. Bangers
11. Teflon Killas feat. Willie Malo, Son Doobie
12. The Set Up feat. Willie Malo, O Brown
13. Lay U Flat feat. Proof (of D12)
14. U Can't Win feat. Outthere
15. Phoenix
16. Flash Kharma feat. Everlast (aka Whitey Ford), Chace Infinite -
17. Family Ties (Remix) feat. Son Doobie, XL, Sen Dog, Sick Jack, Willie Malo, Everlast
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2 comentários:

Alessandro disse...

Valeu por estes dois CDs.
Sou fã de Cypress e dos projetos paralelos deles.
Se tiver chance escute SX-10, banda hardcore do Sean Dog, eu tenho o CD, é da mesma gravadora dos Kottonmouth Kings, a Suburban Noize.

Anônimo disse...


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