3rd Strike (2 Albums) --> NuMetal / RapCore


These guys deliver a good style of funk/rapcore,
with a mixture of some good riffs and vocal
tone throughout the album. I would compare there overall
sound to a cross between P.O.D vocals / Pressure 4-5 groove /
One Minute Silence in your face tone. A few tracks stick out
to me as being the hits of the bunch

3rd Strike - Lost Angel (2002)

01. Flow Heat
02. Walked Away
03. Redemption
04. Blind My Eyes
05. No Light
06. Cities On Fire
07. Breathe It Out
08. All Lies
09. Strung Out
10. Lisa
11. Paranoid
12. Hang On
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3rd Strike - Barrio Raid EP (Japan Only)

01. Barrio Raid ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
02. Champagne Dreams
03. Sick Skins
04. Into Hell Again
05. All Lies (live at ozzfest)
06. Barrio Raid (Demo)
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2 comentários:

Yust a Hungarian. disse...

Great Band, respect man!
May can you repost the .sPout. discography?

Anônimo disse...

corrija o link pfv!

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