Roca Firme (2006) --> Christian Altern. / NuMetal


Born in 1998 out of the streets of South Los Angeles,
this Spanish-performing band has smashed through the
language barrier to reach non-Spanish speaking audiences
as well as Spanish-speaking ones.
The band’s appeal comes from their unique hardcore sound
(a blending of thoughtful melodies and raw energy) and
their dynamic stage presence. But behind the edgy musical
exterior are five hearts beating for God, using the music
that they love to impact people in both the Christian and
secular realms. And impact they do: when OB (lead vocals),
Moi (drums), Moe (bass), Bobby (guitar) and Sari (guitar)
take the stage, be prepared to be drawn in to the Roca Firme
experience – no matter what language you speak!


Roca Firme - Manos Heridas(2006)

1 A.I.
2 Regresa
3 Letter to Adam
4 Calor Inexplicable
5 Tierra Muerta
6 Mapu Alwe
7 Shadows of Death
8 1998
9 Tormento
10 Aborto
11 Judas Cry
12 Angel
13 Union --> YouTube Video
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Unknown disse...

Opa! Muito f**a os post...


Anônimo disse...

can you please re-upload the OST - Tales From The Crypt Presents - Demon Knight. many thanks!!!!

Anônimo disse...

Yo man, I've been looking for this all over the place and I figure if anybody would have it, it would be you - Fistfunk "Totalmassconfusion" They were a swedish rapcore band from the 90s. If you got that, it would be awesome if you put it up! thanks and great blog!

Anônimo disse...

slowly verdanabi abram irradiation orientation andcanapes today vocabulary stream longish continuing
servimundos melifermuly

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