The Dirtball (2011) --> from KottonMouth Kings

The Dirtball - Nervous System (2011)


1. –Intro
2. –I Came to Party
3. –Way We Live
4. –Cracka’ Now
5. –Bang Loud
6. –Anybody
7. –Move Back
8. –Own It
9. –Let ‘Em Roll
10. –I Smell Hell
11. –Let’s Do It (feat. Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings)
12. –Mushrooms
13. –Overdose
14. –Long Road
15. –F*ck Off Skit
16. –Party Parade
17. –Friends Past
18. –The Paper (feat. Blaze Yo Dead Homie)
19. –Karma Bite (feat. Big B)
20. –Spill Zone (feat. Johnny Richter of Kottonmouth Kings)
21. –No Cops
22. –Rule the World
23. –Outro

Link: FileServe

tnx to D4MasT4 for share!

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