Ill e. Gal (2010) --> Female Underground Rap / RapCore / Juggalo

iLL E. Gal - The Grass Is Always Greener... (2010)

01. The Grass Is Always Greener...
02. Sun Leaves
03. Left Field (Ft. Ceasar Of Out Of Bounds n' Fat C)  -------> Listen NOW
04. Fire Works
05. Maryjane 2010
06. Tune It Out (Ft. Professor Fresh n' Kryptik)
07. Stunt (Interlude)
08. Nightmare Part 6: Tina's End (Ft. Professor Fresh)
09. Party People
10. Super Sonic Chronic (Ft. Daddy X)
11. Bloom Where You're Planted (Ft. Professor Fresh)
12. So Good (Zombie Style) (Ft. Professor Fresh)
13. 401 (Ft. M-1 Of Mastamindz)
14. Nightmare Part Zero
15. ...On The Otherside


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