Blind Munkee --> RapCore / NuMetal / Dirty Electro / Australia


"...For those of you looking for music that makes you forget
your troubles and lets you feel that everything is OK
- beware the “Blind Munkee.”

At first glance, Blind Munkee might look like your
average bunch of conspiracy nuts, but once you press
play you realise that there is more than meets the
eye with this angry little ape.

The music is constructed like a symphony, blending
elements of Ozzie Hip Hop, Rock and Dirty Electro ..
Blind Munkee’s debut offering, “OCCAM'S RAZOR”,
is a carefully constructed production triumph
that is not to be missed..."


Some MP3:

 Blind Munkee - A.F.L.
Blind Munkee - Blistered Souls
 Blind Munkee - Epicentre
Blind Munkee - Kriptik Skeptik
Blind Munkee - Left Ere
Blind Munkee - No Good Buys  ---> Listen


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