Godlike (2011) --> NuMetal / Finland

The band was officially formed in January 2009. We were
supposed to start a little earlier, but we had problems
finding the time and the place. The first drafts of the songs
were made in 2008 but they got their final form at the rehearsals.
Starting the project was a bit difficult, because we lived in different
locations, we didn`t have a drummer and we all have regular jobs.
After the "String-Men" were hired to protect the streets,
we had few enthusiastic drummers in mind. Finally, we managed
to summon Rami back from the dead and he began to play drums
again after few years of wanking. The first approach concerning
the content was to play very "moshable" music à la
Rage Against The Machine, One Minute Silence, Mudvayne etc.
but after the very first rhythmic patterns we wanted to
make a little more melodic and darker songs than we originally
had in mind. The result was better than we expected and the Godlike
creation was born...

Godlike - Reanimate (2011)



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