Liquid Oxygen Can --> NuMetal / China

"...As a reputed band of hardcore/New metal, Liquid Oxygen Can has successfully
puts various percussion elements into their music with their never used up energy
and enthusiasm. Today, they become an indispensable pioneer in Chinese
 heavy metal history. This is the unique formula of the Liquid Oxygen Can:
25% of heavy metal, 25% of neo metal, 25% of percussion, 10% of hip-hop, 10% of folk,
 and 5% of other elements. Once talking about Liquid Oxygen, their unique
 and special percussion arrangement is always the first thing to be mentioned.
With instruments like the enormous Chinese big drum, empty petrol barrel
and beer gauge, the band manages to create a rhythm that is loud and strong enough
to stimulate the ears! While the beats and melody comes together to
provide a vigorous atmosphere..."

Liquid Oxygen Can - 誓言 (2005)


01. 为什么这样 (Why) -------> Listen
02. 把思念寄到天空去 (To send thoughts to the sky)
03. 无可救药 (Hopeless)
04. 痛苦杀死我(不插电) (The pain kills me)
05. 誓言 (Oath)


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