Alva (2011) --> NuMetal / RapCore / Brazil

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"...Four letters, four boys and one spirit, to make the kingdom of heaven
 may be perceived It is through music rapcore , nu metal , bring a message announcing
 the true way, the truth and life, which conjuminam in Jesus Christ.
seeking to make a difference in our generation, not surrendering to the system

and its lies, following fighting and killing a lion a day in Babylon of asphalt and cement,
 which still holds many in its current abstract ...
nothing can silence the prophetic voice..."

Alva - Livre (2011)


01 Como Sião
02 Vejo com os meus olhos o dia amanhecer
03 Direto
04 Abro os meus olhos
05 Cidade Santa
06 Breakdown ( HC - DC )
07 Me ensina a amar
08 Nova Jerusalém
09 Por Mais Uma Vez
10 Todo Olho Verá
11 Pisa na Serpente ...
12 Livre

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