A.D (1993) --> RapCore / OldSchool / UK-USA

"...Anthony DeMore was the founder and lead vocalist of the hip-hop, metal band "AD".
 With lyrics driven by socio-politically and environmentally charged themes, the band 
found a new level of heaviness when David Tarica was added in 1989. With Tarica's 
monster guitar riffs and DeMore's potent raps, the band quickly became a Bard 
favorite. After graduation, the AD lineup changed and they moved to New York 
City securing a record deal with Rage Records. They toured all over Europe and 
recorded two CD’s before splitting up in the late 90s..."

Anthony DeMore (vocals)
 David Tarcia (guitar)
 Aaron Keane (bass)
 Mervin Clark (drums)


A.D - A.D (1993) 


1.  Buckshots 
2.  Threat With Intellect 
3.  Free Paradox 
4.  Crazy World 
5.  Let There Be 
6.  Speak ---- [Listen]
7.  World On Fire 
8.  Whole House Panicked 
9.  Reverse Bliss Image 
10.  True Side 
11.  Hope 
12.  Deadzone ---- [Listen]

Link: 4shared
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