Defamation League - Interview

HS-HB: First of all, tell us how the band was formed.

DL: The band was orginally formed by me (khemical ali) Nicky Sleez and Dune Murderous. In high school I had my own rap group, Nick and Dune also had a group going. We had a small rivalry back then but after graduating we decided to combine forces and create Defamation League in 2005.

By 2008 Dune decided to leave the group and start doing comedy. So we added a bass player, drummer, and guitarist to form the band we have today.

HS-HB: How did you choose this name for the band? What the name mean to you?

DL: The name was created by Dune. He is a smart ass, and just thought it represented what we were trying to do which was de-fame. I loved it when i heard it, so i tattooed it on my ribs. The anti-defamation league did not like it and sued us. 

HS-HB: Say 3 bands that were and still being important in the musics of Defamation League?

DL: Hmmm.... Cake, Dr. Dre, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,   They all have their big name albums but still continue to produce excellent music.

HS-HB: What are the reasons that made two members leave the band?

DL: Well the whole story with Dune is that after I got out of jail in 2008 Nick and I immediately began working on "No Sympathy" and at the time Dune wasnt really feeling making an album and didn't know when he would want to again. Plus he wanted to focus on his comedy. Technically he is welcome back into the group if he ever feels like coming back.

The other member that left was Dusty Best, we have been friends for a long time and are still friends. He left the band because he wasn't getting along with DJ Skybeatz.

HS-HB: With all this outputs, how it affected the band?

DL: When Dune left the band, Nick decided that he did not want to rap on the album. So for me I was required to write an albums worth of lyrics. Where before i had only written my verses and a handfull of Nick's and Dunes. It was a challange, but luckily I had a lot of time to write while i was in jail. So I had I lot of songs finished by the time i got out.

Dusty leaving was like someone taking the bannanna off our Açaí na tigela. He was great, but we were still great without him.

HS-HB: How was reformulate the band? What are the differences of the Defamation League (nowdays) of the “old” Defamation League with the ex-members?

DL:  Well the old Defamation League was an old school three rappers and beat. It sounded good on albums but was boring to watch live and didn't have the energy that we have now with the live instruments.  I also tried to take a more realistic approach to my lyrics when we reformed the band.

HS-HB: What’s Matt Cook live? What do u do there?

DL: Lol! MCL! was a live talk show at one of our local clubs. It was a lot of fun! We are still down with matt cook though, he has had us on his new internet talk show "Nuglife" on I think the show is much better now and Matt Cook is very funny.

HS-HB: One Day, someone said me that you like to hear the Brazilian group of rap, Racionais Mc’s, principally the music “Estilo Cachorro”. Why don’t you risk a cover of this music? It looks intessant!
Beyond Racionais Mc’s, doyou know any group or Brazilian bands?

DL: I could never do the orginal justice!! They all rap with a cockyness & confidence that can only produced by the portugesse language. Damn i love that song! It really is one of my favorites. I dont understand the lyrics but i completely feel the emotion.

I also like Parteum, Black Alien and Marcelo D2. I used to have a brazilian co-worker who turned me on to a lot more bands, but the names i cannot recall. Please recommend me some good music!

HS-HB: The band is in tour? How are the tour dates?

DL: No tours yet, I have been putting my focus on doing a few local shows but doing them BIG!

HS-HB: The band already done any tour with a worldwide famous band?

DL: The most famous band we have played with is "Rooney" and that was years ago. But maybe you will see us in Rio opening for Racionais MC's!

HS-HB: What do you think about Blogs that provide musics, like HIMSELF BANDS, HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES, etc?

DL: If it werent for blogs such as yours it would be impossible for for musicians like ourself to gain a following. We greatly appreciate you taking notice and enjoying the hip-hop we are making. The San Diego hip-hop scene is dying and we have fewer and fewer outlets to promote our music. Thank you for giving us an outlet.

HS-HB: Would you like to let some message for the fans of the band that acess the blogs, HIMSELF BANDS E HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES?

DL: Thanks for checking out our music! Please keep supporting your local bloggers & rappers. Much Thanks to Diego & Marcos, keep rocking and rapping!

Thank u,
Diego and Marcos.

DefLeague Official

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