Big MF Stick (1995) ---> RapCore / OldSchool / Rare


"...In the mid to late ’90s bands, like Big MF, the Birdmen of Alcatraz,
$ucka and X-Up played a style of music that wasn’t just rock,
nor was it just hip-hop or funk. The style became known as “rip hop,”
an alternative to the alternative. Jazzy grooves and lyrical flows
would give way to distortion and screams. It was a revolution of sorts,
and it was the first time some people really started to pay attention
to what was going on in the local music scene..."



Big MF Stick - Discombubulator (1995)




1 Sho Nuff 4:31
2 If It Aint Broke 4:55
3 Kick to the Head 4:55
4 Parasite 4:34 -----> [Listen]
5 Hangin Suckas 4:04
6 Smooth 7:21
7 Booty Wagon 3:38
8 Got it in Em 5:36 ------> [Listen]
9 Spirit 4:10
10 Grab Yo Sticks 3:54
11 MF Masterpiece 5:57


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