Monkey Puzzle –> Rapcore / Scotland

"...Monkey Puzzle are a Rapcore style 4 piece band from Glasgow Scotland.
Grungey guitar, hard drums, loud bass and foul language!
The group was founded by Conor "Em-Kat" Moore, Ross McAdam and
Lewis Kelly back in March 2011, a couple of weeks later we recruited the
Bassist Chaz Hollamby. Many names were suggested including such classics
as "Junky Punch", "Exploding Tank Brigade" and "Fossil Groove" but in the
end Monkey Puzzle came out as an all round descriptive and sane
choice for the band..."


Monkey Puzzle – Square (2012) 


1. Butt Chug (Intro) ft Alec 00:49
2. Life Isn't Tough 04:34
3. Nothing's Free 03:18
4. Flow With Me 02:32 -----> [ Listen ]
5. Untitled ft Bob Gibb AKA BobCube 03:55
6. Junky Punch 05:18

Link: BandCamp

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