Sinervia (2013) -–> Alternative / Post-Rock / Italy

"...Sinervia are formed in the spring of 2010 by Luca "Lupo" (vocals, guitar and synth)
and his old friend Fabio "Cippo" (drums), Jonathan (Lead Guitar) and Matteo (Bass).
The band deicided not to engage Live Shows immediately, but work on the tracks
written by Luca and then developed by the band.
The result is a mix of many elements, powerful sounds combined with a most melodic
moments, influenced by Deftones, A perfect Circle, Kings of Leon and other italian
rock bands like Verdena and Timoria.
Lately Sinervia are experimenting with Post Rock / Metal sounds.
On March 2013 to join Sinervia at guitar David, adding sounds in live performances,
making more Particular Their Music..."

Sinervia - Limit of a dream EP (2013)

01 Black Rainbow ------> [ LISTEN ]
02 Shadows Of Light
03 Broken Eyes
04 Red Sea
Link: Mediafire

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