Point Blank –> NuMetal / Macedonia / 4 Deftones fans

"...We started playing somewhere in the end of 1999, under the influence of the
hardcore wave Macedonia was in. Everyone was playing hardcore, and so were we.
But soon we’ve realized that simply hardcore was not us, although we liked the
energy that playing hardcore produces. So our music started to change.
No one was talking about changes but our telepathy worked. We started to make
more melodic rock/metal songs, and the atmosphere in the band changed.
Everybody started to behave more serious and more dedicated. We simply
wanted to sound good. At that point we’ve realized that POINT BLANK was
no more then some adolescent joke. Everyone in the band had experience
with other bands before we started playing, but nothing like this..."




Point Blank - Dirty Queen (2005)



01. Grapefruit
02. Flower Talk
03. Dirty Queen
04. Feathers
05. Murdering the Goddess
06. Out Of Control
07. G.A.P.E
08. Patience
09. Seconds
10. Like a God

Link: Mega

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