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"...The band has been around for 21 years and from the CD (Ficha Limpa),
the style has changed a lot - or rather at first was Hip Hop, the first rap
group in Brazil, burst on the radio with the song "Maria" both radios gospel
Rap as secular. From the CD Ficha Limpa which is the third CD of the band,
it has come with influences and mixtures as X Rap Rock, Funk, Hip Hop Metal.
Today, the training has suffered several changes but are still mixing Rap and Rock..."



Juízo Final - Ficha Limpa (2001) (for Planet Hemp fans)

01 Introdução
02 Juízo Final
03 Pó Balada Errada
04 Não Adianta Disfarçar
05 Amigo da Onça
06 Ficha Limpa
07 Oração
08 Caminho Estreito
09 O Tempo Está Bom
10 Chegamos
11 Ficha Limpa (Bônus) 
Link: Mediafire

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