Utterance –> NuMetal / HC / USA

"...The band formed in July of 1999 as Tracy Beardsley and James Dutterow
brought their lengthy collaboration to a new level. Their song-writing partnership
established the foundation for this band's concept. Ryan Rader brought his
considerable talents in as vocal master. Jerod Wallace ended a brief musical
sabbatical, after leaving Personal Dispute, when he joined the band in
November of 1999. Revitalized and anxious Jerod brought his vigor and monster
beats back to the scene. Mitch Dombrausky was coerced from his basement
in May of 2000. Mitch added another element of the sound with turntables and
sampler that makes the music so dynamic. In October 2001, the band parted
ways with Ryan. After a short break and lengthy audition process Zack Pearson
was brought in to front the band. Zack brought the band to a higher level with
his wild energy and lyrical skills. It was a new beginning and utterance was born..."




Utterance - Everything you thought you knew (2005)


1. sep-er-a-tion
2. personal conflict
3. blue ink
4. mercy
5. soul doubt
6. broken lullaby
7. worst enemy
8. 300 lb. waste
9. unborn silence
10. one time offer
11. spare time
12. coffee & cigarettes

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