FamZ and the HooliganZ –> RapMetal / NuMetal / Rap / with DJ / USA


FamZ (vocals)
Gur (7-string)
Bud (Drums)
Candyman (DJ)

"...Whats up yo! My name is FamZ (pronounced Fams..like Fam but plural...
not Fam Z or Famzee or Famez...FamZ....its a capital Z cause why the fuck not...)
I've been doing this a long time, but only started to take it seriously
a few years ago. Within that time I've made a name for myself nationally
and helped build the southern WV music scene into what it is today.
Ive worked with majority of artists from Psychopathic Records, and others
affiliated labels. I have songs with artists like Lil Wyte, JellyRoll,
and Snug Brim (formerly of Strange Music). My music is very versatile
I dont just stick to one style I like to keep it as fresh as possible
and innovative that way I can have a little something for everyone..."




FamZ and the HooliganZ – 26:Prologue EP (2016)


1 Same Night
2 Roll A Blunt
3 Fuck The Negative

Link: Yandex

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