Optimus Prime –> NuMetal / Mexico / Old School

op band
"...Natives of Mexico, on January of 1999 was born a new band on the stage,
the fresh blood is running throught the vains of rock. Directly of
Satelite City four guys take the decision of getting together and do
what they most like: PURE ROCK.
Hip-Hop, Funk, Power Metal, and Retro music are just some of the genders
that OPTIMUS PRIME shows on their music influenced by several bands,
they finally created their own sound, named "POWER - ANTIESTETICO"..."



Optimus Prime - Power Antiestetico (1999)


01 Broken
01 Powerprime
02 Mas!!!
02 Sexy Freak
03 Chorero
03 Loser
04 Come
05 Comprendez Mendez
05 Rock it

Link: Yandex

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