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21grams - "Open Heart Surgery" (est. 2018)

Leon Fuller (ex-Sunbomb), JL and DH were quick to find a common ground based on shared likes and dislikes,
forging something unique they were always meant to let the world know.
Front-duo LF and JL have already been killing stages together for 15 years now,
in as extravagant places as e.g. Afghanistan or in jails… They were making their bones
by winning the "German HipHop Award", "German Rock Award" and were titled
  "Best European Newcomer Live" with their previous formation.
LF also embarked on a solo career. He played over 100 shows in 2017 alone whilst
  working underground as well as collaborating with commercial artists such as
  Mark Terenzi or leading sold out events like Horror Nights/Traumatica for years.
  He is the brain.
JL was literally born on the road amidst the warm triangle of jazz, soul and rock.
She certainly knows how to make IBM, Bentley or Xerox creeps in suits lose their
  minds and more. She is the heart.
DH is i.a. the producer and guitarist of the German band Eskimo Callboy.
He is recognized to have toured worldwide, placing bands and their albums in
the charts' top 10 repeatedly. He is the soul.
Now let these guys pry open your heart and infuse their 21grams!

21grams - PowPow - Taken from the upcoming album "Open Heart Surgery"

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