Swim –> NuMetal / Old School / USA

"...Laying the pavement for which you will hit is the cement block
  rhythm section of drummer Mark Deleon and bassist Fabian Varela.
Guitarist Paul Ward and their caffeine brat vocalist Norman Pangle
lead the way as SWIM drags you through their tuned down metallic voodoo,
all while cutting loose both a musical and vocal hybrid of dynamics,
cut time beatdowns, breakbeats, and odd time signatures all in
one song under three minutes, and served with enough energy and intensity
  to rival their musical counterparts and to let you know this
Generation X Hip Hop / Hard Rock outfit is out to display their
  style and redefine new ground.
Produced by Ghery Fimbres (Agony, Yoko Love, Lauren Christy, Edwin Mckain, Pillbox),
  Sample The Nerve (released July 1998) contains 14 straight from the gut tracks
including the first single "Displaying My Style" as well as the hypnotic "Wax",
  "Blush", "Brownset", "Floored" and "Definition" (which was submitted for an
indie Freedom Tibet Compilation); these songs continuously slam your face in
the ground and pound for pound mark SWIMÕs territory with every listen..."



Swim - Sample The Nerve (1998)


[#01] Definition
[#02] Wax
[#03] Displaying My Style
[#04] Brownset
[#05] Floored
[#06] Drop
[#07] Hyped
[#08] Velvet
[#09] Blush
[#10] Preference
[#11] Suck Da Punk
[#12] Together Red
[#13] Release
[#14] Laced

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