Quixotik –> NuMetal / Old School / USA


"...Quixotik is a versatile band out of South Florida, designated to five members,
  all coming from extremely different musical and ethnicity backgrounds.
  Because of the vast difference of each member, it gives them a unique
original sound to offer. They have slowly been pieced together since
early 2000, becoming who they are today. The creative lyrics, riffs and
  extreme energetic stage performance makes them singled out to be one
of the most interesting bands in creation yet to date..."



Quixotik - Keep It Simple (2003)


[#01] All I Do Is Break 00:00
[#02] Rated R 03:35
[#03] Pyrimad 07:00
[#04] Simple 12:48
[#05] Between the Lines 16:10
[#06] Last Regret 19:26
[#07] Annoyance 23:06

Link: Yandex

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